How will you redistribute your wealth?
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How will you redistribute your wealth? Fund Justice is a tool for browsing organizations, fundraisers, Black-owned businesses, and bail funds around the US. Many organisations are listed and there's a way to submit new ones via a Google Form. [via mefi projects]
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my what?
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Admittedly, this website is aspirational for some of us. But I think it’s a wonderful idea and I encourage everyone, who is able, to support it.
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'Wealth' might be a stretch, but I do budget for charitable giving - this is great. I like the categories, and the option to look locally. Thanks!
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This is wonderful! I'd love if there was a checkbox to filter for 501c3s, though.
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This is a cool resource, it's great to have a listing of grass roots efforts. Back in May I was trying to find really local community-led legal/mutual aid type orgs for some of the cities most active in the George Floyd protests and it was not always easy to know where to give. There was only one listing for my state, so I submitted one!
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As a millennial in America without any family money, at least this gave me a laugh to start my Friday.
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Yeah, the framing of this tool is a little unfortuante... wealth redistribution should be about taxation and policy reform to generate structural change. I'm sure billionaires would loveee if we instead equated it with individual charitable giving. Much like we see corporations pushing the message that climate change can be fixed if individuals just recycle more, nevermind the corporation's role in pollution. I'd encourage the creators to rethink that aspect.

But I don't want that to undercut this tool, which I think is a great resource. It introduced me to some local funds I hadn't known about.
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