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The Castles of Wales web site, launched in November of 1995, provides visitors with information on over 400 different Welsh castles, accompanied by high quality photographs, as well as a wide range of topics related to Welsh castles and Welsh medieval history, many of the essays written by today's leading experts in their respective fields of study.

Previously from 2003, so I think technically this is a double, but a lot of material has been added in the intervening years.
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Fascinating! I love medieval architecture. Thanks for posting!
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Oh, yeah, the castles are great - but there's also an abbeys page!

I love the still-intact buildings, I love the ruins, but I equally love the places where a castle used to be but is no more, like Llangadog Castle.

I could easily spend several days poking around this site.

This is a great find (and updated previously) - thanks so much for sharing this with us, carter!
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This site was designed in 1996, looks like it, and I love it. This is how my dad still designs his sites. They're easy to get around. He likes adding little gifs where it's appropriate. What matters is the content and the imagery. A+ find, thank you for sharing, carter.
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We really are lousy with castles in Wales.
There's 2 within 15 miles of my house I forgot where there!

My American friend is incredulous there's the ruins of a 12th century castle within 5 minutes of me and it's where I used to hang round as a teenager and get drunk on cider.

Luckily, the dragons are still a secret.
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Echoing fullerine that the things are everywhere hereabouts. Here's my local one, about a mile and a half away from where I live. For me there's something a bit depressing about them (except perhaps the frivolous, fake ones) - very old statements of oppression & control as they are - but I can understand why many people are fascinated by them.
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Among my favourite "guru sites", I used Castles of Wales extensively during the decade I lived in Wales and was making a concerted effort to tour as many castles as possible. I'm a big fan of Caernarfon and Beaumaris. (Looking back, I was clearly inspired by playing Castles as a kid.)
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And now I see I commented to similar effect on the 2003 post... still here, still predictable.
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Haha, and I just noticed that I did too!
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I use to walk to school past/around/through the ruins of a 12th century castle in wales.
I moved away before I was old enough for illicit cider, but it's totally where I would have gone.

I believe it's officially called Tomen-Y-Clawdd. We called it the Monkey Tump.
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Ah. My Welsh bride took me to several of these on our honeymoon.
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Visiting my Grandma in Milford Haven every year when I was a child, there were lots of day trips to the various Pembrokeshire castles, the most impressive of which must be Pembroke itself. They always fascinated me. Later on, there was a week-long school trip that involved in staying at the Youth Hostel at St Briavels (went back for a very strange Christmas fifteen years later, still didn't see any ghosts), with visits to some of the castles around there - Goodrich, Chepstow and a few others. I found them consistently fascinating.

So it's not out of rancour that I want to mention that they're what's left of the brutal expansionist Norman and Plantagenet imperialism.
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The site also has a listing of castles built buy Welsh princes of the time, native Welsh castles. Castell y Bere is wonderful.
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