"Let me guess: fuel is sacred too."
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InterGalactic Medicine Show was an online magazine publishing short science fiction and fantasy stories. After it ceased publication in 2019, it took down its paywall so now all its archives -- hundreds of original short stories and reprints, with original illustrations, and some also available as audio -- are free to read. Includes stories by Naomi Kritzer, Holli Mintzer, and Tim Pratt. Title is from the sweet, comic "For Sale: Veterinary Practice On Sigma 4; Certain Conditions Apply" by Jared Oliver Adams from the final issue.
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(Orson Scott Card was IGMS's publisher and executive editor, but I would like for this thread to please not turn into a referendum on Card, thank you.)

The archives also include work by Ken Liu, Aliette de Bodard, Max Gladstone, Cat Rambo, Peter S. Beagle, Mary Robinette Kowal, Saladin Ahmed, Harry Turtledove, Orson Scott Card, and many other authors.
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Is there some recent metafilter theme that I am unaware of? Even if not, great post, brainwane.
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Just read the highlighted story and more than worth the read. And plenty of decent authors listed beyond that.
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This story you linked to is the kind of happy fun science fiction I like best. It reminds me of Prostho Plus. This may have been the highlight of my boring quarantined day.
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Literaryhero - I don't know of any particular MetaFilter theme going right now. But as I mentioned to Vatnesine in another recent thread about fiction, if people want a theme month, they/you can make a quick request via a MetaTalk post and suggest a theme.
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Also several of mine, including one of my personal favorites.
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