You've got jail?
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You've got jail? The SEC is no longer alone in investigating accounting irregularities at AOL Time Warner. Tonight the "world's leading media and entertainment company" confirmed that the U.S. Justice Dept. has opened its own probe. This, one day after President Bush signed the so-called Corporate and Auditing Accountability, Responsibility, and Transparency Act (pdf of HR 3763) (summary). Tonight, however, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle, including Senators Patrick Leahy, D-Vt and Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa are criticizing the President for trying to weaken the corporate fraud bill before the ink is even dry.
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You've got jail?

Okay, I just had to pop in here and say that that was funny. :)
posted by rushmc at 8:49 PM on July 31, 2002

Just had to pop in here and say it's an old joke :^)
posted by krunk at 9:03 PM on July 31, 2002

"This is what lawyers do."

...when there might be skeletons (or whistleblowers) in the closet.
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You know that fortune cookie game, where you add the phrase in bed at the end of every fortune? I've got a George Bush Corporate Responsiblity game. Just add the phrase for the dumb bastards that get caught onto the end of everything he says. No, it isn't funny, but it makes what he says whole lot more believable.
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Duhbya trying to weaken a Corporate Responsibility bill? Say it ain't so! There you go again GW! That darn CEO White House thing!
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Just had to pop in here and say it's an old joke

I had a feeling...
posted by rushmc at 7:04 AM on August 1, 2002

But what we all want to know is wether or not Time Warner is gonna try to defect from America Online. I'm sure TW wants a divorce, and badly. Could they? Would it be unprecedented?
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