The Comet Is Coming [for your ears and brain]
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Summon The Fire
Blood of the Past - featuring Kate Tempest
Neon Baby
All That Matters Is The Moments - featuring Joshua Idehen
NPR Tiny Desk Concert

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Capitol Bop interview, March 2019
CB: What is your mission — your drive as a musician and as a member of this band? Is it to elevate consciousness in a John and Alice Coltrane sense; to provide a soundtrack, in the words of Ms. Britney Spears, to “Keep on dancin’ till the world ends”? Some mixture of the two or something else entirely?

DL: I want to make new music that faces forward, and manifests an imagined future. Revolutionary times call for revolutionary music.

It is the role of the artist to give permission for the imagination for irrational or surreal ideas, to dissolve the boundaries of social conditioning, to destroy the idol of the group. In the past in cultures around the world, this was the role of the shaman.

“Summon the Fire” describes another key tenet — to inspire the will, to bring forth the energy and spirit and courage required to meet the psychological difficulties and malevolent forces that we come across in our lives, every day, and in increasing number as our global situation becomes more complex and dangerous.

Being an artist is as much about reflecting your own world as anything else, and I turn to music as a salve for my psychological difficulties, my own release, a way to find joy, connect to my spirit and a way to heal. Part of creating music is to be in a relationship with music itself, to give something back into the equation as I’ve received so much positivity, and in a wider context to take part in the universal creative process that is unfolding all around us, creating something out of nothing. It’s like the Big Bang banging!!
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I bought their complete discography From Bandcamp a few weeks ago & have really been enjoying it. Three thumbs up!
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The comet is coming! Saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings has a number of other bands, including the really great and intense Sons of Kemet. (“Your Queen Is A Reptile” music video)
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Oh my God how wonderful that first link is!
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Reminded me of Weather Report's Birdland, but you know – for the End Times.
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Wonderful. Cheers.
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I think I love this.
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Reminded me of Weather Report's Birdland, but you know – for the End Times.

Or Weather Report in a throwdown with Moon Hooch.

It's fantastic.
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It's a bit hyperbolic, maybe, but Shabakah Hutchings is one of the central pivots of the new London jazz scene over the last decade or so - as well as The Comet is Coming, he leads Sons of Kemet (a more Afro-Caribbean take on modern jazz), and plays with an incredible range of other bands/musicians including Floating Points, Sun Ra Arkestra, and Melt Yourself Down.

He was part of the Tomorrow's Warriors programme (whose other alumni include Moses Boyd, Cassie Kinoshi and Nubya Garcia), which has probably done more to revitalise and look to the future of jazz and working-class black music in the UK than anything else in decades and is, predictably, in dire financial straits as a result of the pandemic.
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the new London jazz scene

Really wish I could be there for it. Jazz! Back! Vital! Instead, I just get to put on We Out Here and Ill Considered and pretend.
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parm and Going to Maine, thanks for the extra links. Some awesome stuff in there!
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Just discovered this new comp about the scene from Soul Jazz records. It seems to be available on the streaming services, though that triple LP looks chock-full of wonderful material that I’d spend five minutes reading before never looking at again…
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