"Did you catch the debate last night?"
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Composer Kate Soper has not been idle. During quarantine's isolation, she's posted her series of short Unwritten Operas, beginning with Orlando. She then moved on to her five-part Syrinx series. And now she's released "Hypothetical," a look at "new normals." All involve manipulation of her voice in some way.
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Has a strong Aniara vibe.
posted by grumpybear69 at 12:27 PM on September 17, 2020

I almost closed Hypothetical before the end of the last conversation. I'm glad I didn't.
posted by solotoro at 2:01 PM on September 17, 2020

Really enjoying the whole channel, thanks for posting. My Microfreak just got a vocoder in an unexpected firmware update - I'm feeling inspired.
posted by not_that_epiphanius at 4:19 PM on September 17, 2020

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