"T’Pring was too dignified to seethe."
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"Matchmaker of Mars" by Rachel Manija Brown (writing as Edonohana) is a short, funny, sweet fan fiction story in which "John W. Campbell accidentally matchmakes T'Pring and Uhura." Tags: T'Pring (Star Trek), Nyota Uhura, John W. Campbell Jr., 1930s Science Fiction Writer Alternate Universe, Pastiche, Epistolary, Fiction within fiction, Bigotry & Prejudice, Baking. Should be understandable even if you're not a Star Trek fan.
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That was delightful, not only for the in-jokes and masterful storytelling, but the anticipatory schadenfreude of imagining Vox Day's apoplexy when it's nominated for the brand new "Best Fanfic Short-Short" category at the Hugos.
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T'Pring was a thinly written character in the episode she appeared in. It would have been cool if they had brought her back in season three for some reason, but after she had divorced Ston. I can just imagine Spock's discomfort!
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That was so much fun to read.
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No Reservations: Narnia? aka the only fanfic that ever made me cry? Good lord, she is good.
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I find the concept of a friendship and business partnership between Lt. Uhura and T'Pring............fascinating.

What a great story!!
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Love it!
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brainwane, I've been bookmarking your recent series of posts and looking forward to getting around to reading some of them. I finally got a chance to dig into this one today.

I loved the writing ("Frantically, she fanned the smoke out the window with the pages of an unsalable early work..."), and all the glimpses into T'Pring's unspoken but very much present feelings.

And I am delighted to discover that this is by the author of "No Reservations: Narnia." I'm off to go check out some of their other work.

Thank you so much for the splendid series of posts, and for your clear descriptions of them all! (I am much more drawn to short, funny, sweet stories, so it's nice to know which ones those are.) This is much appreciated, brainwane!
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