"You will need a girl of great surprises to join you."
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Looking for YT videos to distract you? Try Today Is Spaceship Day! (12:29) This animated short (and children's book) was scripted by an AI trained on text from Star Wars, Harry Potter, Stephen King, and a YA novel. It's much more coherent than Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash, but still delightfully baffling.
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I think it might have been even better if he'd used a voice AI to read it instead of narrating it himself.

But yeah, I think human authors are safe for a bit longer.

At least as far as from scratch stuff goes. I do wonder a bit about AI assistance with filling in once given characters, scenarios, etc from a human. It probably wouldn't be useful on its own, but it could provide stuff a human writer could clean up.

An AI/Human collaboration story could be pretty interesting, and possibly written quite a bit faster than a purely human written story.

IIRC that's already happening to some extent with news reporting, the AI produces a framework and the human cleans it up instead of writing it all from scratch.

Translation has been like that for many years now, almost no one starts translating a book, or whatever, by hand. They run it through a machine translator and then use the original to clean up the machine translation.
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The author had an inordinate liking for adverbs, I wrote, critically.
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“Harrison could not help noticing that there was a bang and a flash of bright light from the ground, and he felt a surge of fury that was quite unconnected with his own stupidity.”

I mean, this reads like a lot of fanfic I have seen. If it’s indistinguishable from fanfic, does this mean it has passed some variant of the Turing test?
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"In deep conversation with a wave of cold sweat" pretty much describes my mental state for the last eight months.
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The intro to the video suggests this was written in Botnik, which has been discussed here before but I don't think really qualifies as "Written Entirely By AI."
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My kids made me watch this three times in a row; they loved it and were ROLLING with laughter.

Now they're quoting it!
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scripted by an AI trained on text from Star Wars, Harry Potter, Stephen King, and a YA novel.

all good fun. May I suggest for a followup text from Naked Lunch, Finnegan's Wake, Mrs. Dalloway and something by L. Ron Hubbard (for randomness).
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"They had learned the hard way to deal with all sorts of terrible misfortunes."

Sums up this year quite nicely.
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Yeahhh, they dead
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