Shark week is every week
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As the weather warms up in the Southern Hemisphere, Teddy Geiger releases her latest single, Sharkbait. On the other side of the ocean, Jaimie Shorten has won this year’s 2020 Antepavilion for designing an experimental installation featuring a family of six sharks leaping and lunging from the Regent’s Canal. In further shark related goodness, find out how sharks have sex, hear from a shark attack victim turned shark protector, and reflect on why we're so scared of sharks anyway.
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I remember being suddenly afraid of sharks or something as I swam in a four-foot-deep above-ground pool about a thousand miles from the nearest shark. I could stand on the bottom, ffs, but it was dark and I could not see the bottom. I was alone, I had seen Jaws (new at the time), and I dreaded being torn apart by something from below, logic be damned.

So I can easily imagine being spooked by the thought of sharks in open water.
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Sharks are such cool prehistoric creatures. We don't know enough about them. They are slowly being killed off by human fishing practices. One interesting question that came up in the course of my work - "Do sharks fart?" Seems like a simple question but is apparently not! Disclaimer: I work for a shark conservation fund.
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