a story about agri-bots, machine life, and emergent intelligence
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"Tierra y libertad" by Madeline Ashby is a short scifi story about "a robot rebellion in the pistachio fields." Published in MIT Technology Review in 2018. “I have protocols for that.” Dash made for the door. She flashed her watch. “I’m the analyst in charge. The mind in that vault is my op.”
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Ashby has a new non-fiction book out, HOW TO FUTURE, co-written with Scott Smith (full disclosure: I have worked with Smith and his agency Changeist in the past). I have not read it yet but it looks great, and the title alone is excellent.
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Ooh, that's pretty good. Made me put her in the (ever-expanding) to-read pile.
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Does she have works in this sorta universe? I like how there was just a little bit of a world build in there, but not enough to be heavy
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