"the Bay Area as a multitude of fairytales"
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Like most amusement parks, Oakland's Children's Fairyland is experiencing financial difficulties caused by the COVID-19 shutdown. On Saturday, September 26, Fairyland will debut “Celebrity Storytime,” a digital series of fairytales read by well-known Oaklanders. Although the tales are being made available to the public free of charge, Fairyland is also using the launch as a fundraiser and asking for donations. Oakland-born artists Rafael Casal and Daveed Diggs will co-host and emcee the evening of readings by celebrities and teachers from diverse communities in Oakland and the Bay Area.

One of the earliest amusement parks in the US, Children's Fairyland has served as a petting zoo, a theme park, an educational hub and a green space for young families to enjoy since 1950, and is believed to have been an inspiration for Disneyland.
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🎶 I don’t know what you’ve been told
But sometimes even California gets cold
I don’t know where you come from
But it’s the reason kids in The Bay go dumb
I don’t know what you’ve been sayin
And I don’t really care cos’ my music keeps playin, but
I just want to set The Record straight
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I love this.
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Marshawn Lynch should be involved...
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I remember going to Children's Fairyland as a kid (I still have a key somewhere) and I kind of regret that I never took my kid there when she was little (too busy with family obligations when we visited). I'm glad they're working to keep it alive and make it more diverse.
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Rad. When I lived in Chinatown I'd regularly wander over there just to watch the birds. Missing Oakland.
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I love Daveed so much. I thought their movie Blindspotting was pretty incredible. Love the way they incorporated their rap directly into the script.
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