Get Your Booty to the Poll!
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Possibly the smartest voter information website on the internet. "In the middle of the pandemic, while many of us were out of work- we decided that we wanted to help influence the election! Angela, our fearless director, thought it would be a great idea to have exotic dancers from some of Atlanta’s finest gentlemen’s clubs to tell their patrons and fans to ‘Get their booties to the poll!’"

The website offers up helpful information to first-timers to take the fear out of registering and voting. It links to a sample ballot and other information to encourage people to know what's up before they hit the polls in November.

The video is brilliant in its simplicity—and funny and smart at the same time. These are some fine women, and that's maybe the most honest ad ever made for an election cycle.
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Great video, great script. I love how it breaks down the important issues into everyday language without oversimplifying or patronizing.

Sort of... strips them down.

I’ll get my coat.

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Subtle. Nuanced. But effective...
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This is FABULOUS. And now I have a new earworm for the day too!

Get your booty to the poll,
Get your booty to the poll,
Get your booty to the poll....

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"There is a lot more than the president on the ballot, and you need to know who cares about the stuff that will help you and yours and who DGAF."
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Many people may not know that Atlanta's finest gentleman's clubs are all fully nude thanks to a court ruling in 1971 about the musical Hair.
The hippie stage production of “Hair” was coming to the Atlanta Civic Center. City officials, aghast at a short nude scene in the production, called it “obscene and pornographic” and banned it.

U.S. District Judge Newell Edenfield ruled against the city, saying the nudity was protected by the First Amendment. He wrote: “Even if defendants are acting with the best of intentions — and this court does not doubt that — they simply may not dictate what the public may view and what it may not.”

“Judge Edenfield ruled nudity and obscenity are not the same and that nudity was protected speech,” said Begner, who then smiled. “And the Atlanta clubs went nude the next day.”
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The line "But you talking about, 'Oh, they gon' pick who they pick, shorty...'" is one of the most real lines I've ever heard in an ad ever.

Get your booty to the poll!
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I'd say that Oregon strippers should do one on the mail in ballot, but our voting system is easy-peasy.
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"If your vote didn’t matter there wouldn’t be so many people trying to discourage you from casting it."

This is excellent.
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This is pretty great, thank you for posting it.
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When I saw it, suddenly a bunch of pieces of the puzzle came together: I totally want to throw money at these women! They're gooood. (They should do more PSAs.)
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Having giving the matter much thought and consideration, yes, I will attempt to get my "booty" to the poll.
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I'd say that Oregon strippers should do one on the mail in ballot, but our voting system is easy-peasy.

From what I've seen in Portland at least, Oregon strippers are super talented, so maybe they could do one anyway just to make sure?
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This is so charming!
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Finally, the objectification of women put to good use.
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