"Parts Unknown: Bajor" -- with fake ads
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"The Hasperat has his eyes watering." fresne's fanfic short story "Parts Unknown: Bajor" takes Anthony Bourdain on a tour of Deep Space Nine and the planet Bajor. Includes commercial breaks: "Some of the inspiration for the sponsor breaks come from some conversations I’ve been having with friends about what a Star Trek show that wasn’t about Starfleet would be like." (Bourdain fanfic previously.)

This was a Yuletide story. Yuletide is a yearly fan fiction exchange where people write fanfic about rare and obscure fandoms (books, TV shows, movies, songs, etc. that don't already have a ton of public fanfic written about them). You can nominate fandoms from now till 1 October, at 9am UTC and sign up to participate 16-26 October.
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Since it seems to be a dead link in the original post, here's the New Yorker review of 'No Reservations: Narnia.'

As a fan of Bourdain and DS9, I am terribly happy for this. Only thing that could make it better would be a cast reading, as we've had with Garak and Bashir lately... Though it's a shame that Bourdain's not around to fill his role. Thanks, brainwane!
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Thank you for sharing this. It's a lovely piece. Fanfiction is an underappreciated art form.
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Thanks for this. Parts Unknown is one of my favorite binge-watches, and the tone and pacing of this are spot-on.
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Now I miss Bourdain and DS9 at the same time. Beautiful! I'm sometimes drawn to questions of what civilian "normal" life is like for Federation/Earth/futurepeople. I'm glad they picked up on the thread of reactionary conservatism in how many humans on the show seem to make a point out of loving "obsolete" things like cooking or baseball while complaining about how their fellow humans don't appreciate such things anymore.
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I like how the author challenged the Terra-centrism of the Federation.
Now if you'll excuse me, I need to prepare for my interview for my Qonos visa (charges painstik).
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I'm genuinely shocked how much I enjoyed this fanfic, and how well it provided a medium for thoughts I can't imagine being explored any other way.
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