The Haunting of Netflix House VIII: The Satanic Rites of Netflix
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In case you need just a little bit more horror in your life, Benito Cereno has returned with the 8th in his series of suggested spooky, scary, creepy or campy films available to stream this October.

The services on which they are available are mentioned first in the details for each film. Cross check suggestions on Does The Dog Die if there is particular content you wish to avoid.

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Ooh, thank you for this. Horror has really started to work for me in 2020. Depending on my mood, I say either “Life is awful but at least I’m not getting tortured by demons” or “Demonic torturers? Please, you should see what I have to live with.”
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Noroi, Lake Mungo, The Taking of Deborah Logan, Butterfly Kisses, Behind the Mask? All fantastic. I'm a huge fan of found footage and faux-documentary horror and all of these are ones I would recommend to people convinced those are garbage subgenres. Noroi in particular is top-tier, on a level with [REC].

I would also recommend, if you have Prime, Savageland, a faux-documentary about the aftermath of the overnight slaughter of a small Arizona border town, the rush to find somebody to blame, and the horrible truth nobody wants to hear. Very good and very creepy.
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Monochrome, I've found I have no interest in horror where bad people do cruel things- I can get that on the news and social media- but what I really want is to visit a world where the bad things are supernatural monsters and not just the world being full of assholes.
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I really enjoyed One Cut of the Dead, but if you're going to watch it, don't look it up beforehand.
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Pope Guilty: Have you see "In the Mouth of Madness"?
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It's one of John Carpenter's absolute best!
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Theatre of Blood! One of my all time favorites.
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I have been finding that Amazon Prime has some real depth in horror. I have started watching 1970-ish Italian stuff and its amazing how much is there. You have to know what you want (seems none of the services have decent subject searching), but Prime seems to have a lot.

If you haven't seen it, Don't Torture a Duckling is well worth a watch. And so is Daughters of Darkness.
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Kanopy also has some interesting horror deep cuts, if you have access to that through your library.
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Iiiiiiiiiit looks like I’m gonna subscribe to Shudder.

I just watched zombie Christmas musical “Anna and the Apocalypse” this summer and liked it enough to recommend.

I also finally watched “The Girl with All the Gifts” after having read the book a few years ago, and it was odd to think to myself, “yeah, a soothing little zombie apocalypse movie is just what I need right now.” A friend told me on facebook that he was put off by the children-in-peril aspect, and he has two little girls, so I completely get that.
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I just watched “Get Duked” on the recommendation of this list and was not disappointed!
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Oh! Train to Busan is on this list. I thought I was done with zombie movies, but I had a great time with this one. Super energetic and gory, and actually had lots of heart.
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if you're going to watch it, don't look it up beforehand.

Don't! But also stick with it. It's hard not to get too into why you might feel like you shouldn't and why this, is in fact, fine, without spoilers. I went in cold and nearly turned it off. It's not for content reasons or anything troubling. Stick with it!
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Anyone else planning on doing the 31 horror movies for October challenge? I'm tempted but not sure I can quite manage 31 movies. Though the sub 90min slashers from the 80s come in helpful there...

Seen most of this list but "Viy" sounds pretty excellent and one I'd never heard of:

"Witch/demon/ghost shit. The Soviet Union's first horror movie! A drunken monk has to stay in a haunted chapel for three nights. Super fun watch, highly recommend"
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I watched Viy on a whim afew months ago and was so glad I did. What a gem.

I watched Hagazussa last night and... I don't know how I feel about it. File under 'art films that make you suffer'.
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I hope I can save someone some disappointment by noting that "I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House" is one of the most boring movies of all time. Even Ruth Wilson can't save it.

Then again, I thought Hagazussa was a masterpiece, so take my opinion for what you will.
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Holborne, I had the same opinion about I Am the Pretty Thing, even while Perkins' other film February/The Blackcoat's Daughter is legitimately one of my favourite horror films of all time. Slow paced but tense and filled with excellent, subtle performances.
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Then again, I thought Hagazussa was a masterpiece
I cannot stop thinking about it. It is a gorgeously crafted film and is unforgettable. I think I need to watch Kiki's Delivery Service again or something, though, because the last three nights I watched The Forest Of Love, The Swerve, and Hagazussa, and I'm feeling a bit shellshocked.
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I watched WNUF Halloween Special and it's decently spooky in parts but what I really loved was the absolutely incredible nostalgia rush. It's formatted to look like somebody taped a broadcast in 1987 (and that the version you're watching is a third or fourth generation copy) and the production design is so incredibly spot-on that I don't know how to communicate it.

If you're too young to remember, back before the FOX network every city big enough to have any tv stations (and even many that didn't) would have a local independent station that wasn't affiliated with ABC, NBC, or CBS and mostly ran local programming and syndicated shows. (FOX spread rapidly in part by buying them all up and converting them to FOX stations, so thank Rupert Murdoch.) There's a particular low-budget aesthetic to those stations' output that's very distinctive, and WNUF Halloween Special nails it so perfectly that if you told me it really was taped from broadcast thirty-three years ago I'd believe you. I enjoyed it as a silly, scary-but-not-too-scary horror flick, but I can't disentangle my enjoyment of it as a horror flick from my enjoyment of the utterly perfect recreation of a dead aesthetic that meant more to me than I realized.
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Thanks, Pope Guilty, added to the watchlist.

As long as we're talking about 70s/80s throwbacks, Shudder subscribers might want to check out "The Ghoul Log." Ok, it's not eight straight hours the way "The Yule Log" used to be (here in NYC it was on WOR, an independent station), but it will add cheer to your virtual Halloween party.
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