1896 Memorandum Book
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Collectors Weekly introduces us to a collection of unpublished childrens' notebooks from all over the world.

Hosted in Milan, the Exercise Book Archive is a great way to while away the hours. You can also donate your old exercise books, volunteer to translate, or donate money. Happy Reading!
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This is super neat and highly relevant to my interests. Thank you for sharing.
posted by Kitchen Witch at 10:06 PM on September 29, 2020

Yeah this is super cool. But I tapped somewhere on the site and it sent me down one of those multi-redirect holes that ended with that site that says I am a huge winner or that my phone has 90 viruses or something like that.
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The Japanese notebook cover from the 60s is beautiful.
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I'm struck by just how boring the school jotters I used in Scotland in the 1970s are compared to the worldwide examples. Mine were uniformly plain flat colour pulp covers. If you were lucky they had a list of "Safety Do's" on the back, at least 20 years out of date as it said not to run out in front of a tram.

I posted some of my 5-7 year old self's new jotter entries as blog posts. They were ... enthusiastic, if somewhat lacking in direction or talent. I still have the jotters, if very tattered.
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Literaryhero, really? I’m sorry about that! I was on the site for quite a long time and did not have anything similar happen or I would not have posted it.
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