A Book Of Beasts
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A Book Of Beasts [via mefi projects] contains illustrations of 62 strange beasts, creatures, and other things of interest, with descriptive passages to tell you everything they are.
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I accidentally read that as "Book Of Breasts" and thought wait...hadn't Playboy already existed for decades?
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Charmingly odd.
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I, also, have wanted all my life to befriend a crow (scared).

(this is good)
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Somewhat reminds me of Borges' Book of Imaginary Beings...
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Tag yourself, I am unaccepted teeth.
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I am Something Or Other.
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Still giggling at Crow (scared)/Scarecrow.
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[this is (very) good]

This reminds me of the best of the early internet weirdo comedy and also a bit of SCP when at its most surrealistic highs. Formula, brevity, disquiet. I'm in love.
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Quality giggles.10/10 would giggle again.
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Dissipated Cloud summed it up for me. Totally there.
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It gradually
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This is very good and gives me a sort of unexpected sadness, like when you wake up with a cold after going to bed feeling fine.

But in a good way.
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