“Want to go throw some dry ice in the River Styx?”
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Two speculative stories about romance, mourning, and life-changing journeys. "The Four Generations of Chang E" by Zen Cho starts with someone winning the moon lottery: "Chang E sold everything she had: the car, the family heirloom enamel hairpin collection, her external brain. Humans were so much less intelligent than Moonites anyway. The extra brain would have made little difference." In "Three Petitions to the Queen of Hell" by Tim Pratt, "Marla and Zufi, the reigning queens of Hell, were eight years into a meaningless spat, living more as roommates than lovers" -- but then a mortal woman successfully makes it across the Styx to save her girlfriend.
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Three Petitions to the Queen of Hell is charming. I needed that today.
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Fenriss: just in case you need more, Tim Pratt has a long list of his fiction you can read for free on his site. I was just telling my spouse last night that every time I've ever read a Tim Pratt story I've come away satisfied -- he's just a reliable, good storyteller who always puts together a solid story with a bit of a fun twist.
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Well, fuck, brainwane, what little productivity I had left is entirely gone. (Anna and Marisol in Time and Space FTW.)
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Thanks, brainwane! I love short form fiction, especially SF&F, and I'm always looking for more good stuff.
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I tell my wife that the most romantic thing I've ever done is sign our marriage license.
“In a way, that was as romantic as rose petals and Eiffel towers and candy hearts,” Zufi said. made me tear up a little.

*I also do many other conventionally romantic things, I promise.
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