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Oubapo America is a project to identify and explore constraints in Comics. It is the American cousin of the French Oubapo project which shares the same goals. Example: "Draw a comic that is 26 panels long where each panel features in some way the corresponding letter of the alphabet". If this sounds familiar, you may be thinking of Oulipo.
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OuBaPo is one of the most exciting developments in comics in recent years. It was started by Thierry Groensteen (one of the foremost comics scholars in the world - if you can read French, check out his Systeme de la Bande Dessinee), and Jean-Christophe Menu (one of the founders of the excellent and influential French comics collective l'Association). They've created two books so far: OpUs 1, which includes Groensteen's essay on comics under constraints, and OpUs 3, which is made up from strips created by OuBaPo members for the French newspaper Liberation a couple of summers ago. We're still waiting for OpUs 2. The US version was started by Matt Madden, Jason Little and Tom Hart, and it's a fantastic resource for cartoonists who want to explore the amazing results you can get by putting the work under constraints.

First time poster, long time reader...
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A is for Amy, who fell down the stairs....
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Is that Gorey you're referencing there LuxFX?
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The Oubapo/America site makes me long for a more graphical interface. Thumbnails links to the comics would help a lot.

This one from their alphabet challenge made me laugh:
The Stutterer's Alfalfabet

It's a clash of medieval hallucinations and gossipy caricature.
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Nice! The Silent Running constraint is a bit reminiscent of David Lynch's Angriest Dog in the World cartoons (bit more background here).
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ninthart: you got it -- I just can't think of illustrated alphabets without thinking about Gorey.

For those poor souls that have missed out, there's a decent online version of The Gashlycrumb Tinies here
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