Metal Drum Playthroughs Galore
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* Note: this list sucks. It is wildly incomplete and is almost exclusively white men.

Needs more Nandi Bushell? I mean she did defeat Dave Grohl.
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What's that you say? You enjoy watching drumcam videos

No no, what I said was "I enjoy drunkenly watching videos."
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My personal favorite from the Koller Cam is "Concubine" into "Dark Horse."
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I don't know if he counts as metal-adjacent or not — I'm woefully ignorant about contemporary metal — but I just wanted to throw my favorite session/touring drummer into the mix: Josh Freese - "Wish" (with Nine Inch Nails).

Remember the early days of DVD, when a few enterprising producers used the multi-angle function to let you watch an entire concert with just one performer's camera feed? There was a pretty good King Crimson one if I recall correctly, where the 5.1 sound mix was different depending on who you were watching. Man, I wish that technique had caught on.
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No Sean Reinert of Cynic?
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I've gone down a bit of a Google-hole wondering which other concert DVDs offer the multi-angle feature, so here's a short list (at least according to various forum randos):

Beastie Boys - Awesome! I Shot That
Phil Collins - Serious Hits Live and First Final Farewell Tour
DJ Q-Bert's Complete Do It Yourself Vol. 1: Scratching (not really a concert, but IU like Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze Musik better than most everything on this list, soooo...)
Dream Theater - Title TK
Melissa Etheridge - Live... and Alone
Eurhythmics - Peacetour
Genesis - The Way We Walk (it would appear that Phil Collins is a big multi-angle fan)
King Crimson - Deja Vrooom
Dave Matthews Band - Listener Supported
Sarah McLachlan - Mirrorball
Metallica - S & M and Cunning Stunts
Nine Inch Nails - Beside You in Time, Fragility, and And All You Could Have Been
Pavement - Slow Century
Pet Shop Boys - Montage
Rammstein - Live aus Berlin
Rush - Rush in Rio
Ween - Live in Chicago
The Who - Kids are Allright
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Well, that's killed my productivity for the next few days - thanks so much for posting this.

If you don't mind covers, Cobus on yt has a bunch of metal amongst his stuff, and I've yet to be disappointed in one of his videos. Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds To Mars is an older vid of his, but a personal favourite for the absolutely ridiculous video setting.

Will happily watch this lot all day long. Also, need to dig out more Josh Freese, especially with APC... No more work getting done here this week.
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Worth noting Samus Paulicelli's acrobatics on Devin Townsend's "Hear Me". His snare work in the segment starting at 4:00 is quite a thing.
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Oh, I was hoping someone would do this. Thanks!
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I know nothing about modern metal and now I want to know everything about modern metal.
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I blame Tommy Aldridge for most of what's going on here.
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Whoops forgot:

Baard Kolstad - Leprous - COMA
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I can't believe no one has posted a drumcam of Tim Alexander, so I came here to solve that.
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Speaking of two drummers... Kylesa!
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I really wish there was more iso footage of the drummer from French metal band Plebeian Grandstand because the way he maintains control over their chaos is really something

Cato Bekkevold of Enslaved - Ethica Odini (I wish I could find one of him tearing through "Violet Dawning," that song rips)
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A few more killers:

Hozoji Matheson-Margullis of Helms Alee, who is also apparently a scientist, and one of the few indigenous scientists in America? Criminally few drum cams of her but here is a great live in studio performance of one of their best songs, "Pleasure Center."

TJ Childers of Inter Arma, for my money the best metal band to emerge in the 2010s and an absolute beast of a drummer (bonus video of him teaching one of their guitar riffs because "whoever writes the riff gets to show it to y'all").

Dave Turncrantz
of Russian Circles, definitely one of my favorite drummers ever (bonus not quite drum cam of them playing "Death Rides a Horse," the perfect live song and a heroic drum performance).

The mighty Des Kensel of High on Fire, of whom there are woefully few drum cam videos out there.

Casey Hansen of Cult Leader. Bonus video because I first came across Cult Leader as an opener at a show and they started out with "Great I Am" and it literally almost melted my face off.

Billy Rymer of Dillinger Escape Plan.

Dan Tracy of Deafheaven.

Since people have moved slightly toward metal-adjacent, I think that makes more stuff fair game. Also somebody mentioned Zach Hill and it really must be emphasized that nobody plays the drums like Zach Hill (bonus "jazz drummer reacts" video that I find pretty humorous).

Mars Volta weren't metal but they were pretty loud and edgy and had just the most incredible drummers. These videos don't have enough drum cam of Jon Theodore and Thomas Pridgen crushing it for my taste, but they'll have to do.

And, well, I've just spent my entire morning watching drum cams.
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Speaking of two drummers... Kylesa!

Huh I really liked a couple of their albums before kind of losing track of them but I never knew they had two drummers.
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GWAR's drummer Jizmak da Gusha is too busy delivering flowers to record a multicam video.
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Three Trapped Tigers - Reset
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No Danny Carey yet?
Pneuma by Tool.
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Danny Carey? Feels like I've heard that name before.
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No Danny Carey yet?
That exact video is the main link (above the fold) in this post.

If someone, say... me, doesn't like metal all that much but really want to be able to appreciate some drums, and in particular really liked syncopated and rhythmic stuff as opposed to fast technical stuff, which would be the best to view?
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FirstMateKate: others may have better suggestions but within the group I've listed above I think your best bet is Matt Garstka. Animals as Leaders sits in this wild space between metal and prog and jazz fusion, so tends to be much less traditionally "metal" (no blast beats) while also involving a ton of rhythmic shenanigans. Here's a few other examples:

Cognitive Contortions
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Wow don't know how I missed Stechauner previously, but he's a beast.
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