August 3, 2002
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Your new favorite artist: Pinky of Houston and her fabulous decorated eggs. Perhaps Pinky knows that geometric egg art was called pysanky in the Old Country. It later inspired a certain Russian jeweler to new heights. Pinky takes it from there as part of a modern explosion of beautiful eggs, including carved eggs that will make your jaw drop. If you can think of it, it's probably been done to an egg. The emu egg jewelry boxes are particularly elegant. Plenty more at the Egg Art Network.
posted by mediareport (10 comments total)
Heh, mediareport - quite a feat, you posting eggs and me posting bacon and eggs at the exact same moment in time. :)
posted by MiguelCardoso at 4:31 PM on August 3, 2002

Pinky smiles upon us.
posted by mediareport at 4:35 PM on August 3, 2002

Pinky's eggs are a total bargain. Take two, they're small!
posted by RJ Reynolds at 5:05 PM on August 3, 2002

Excellent post mediareport, that "dissonance" egg makes me want to give it a try. In theory, it's probably not that difficult as it seems, after all eggs are remarkably strong.

Wondering if they use a Dremel or just some good jeweler's files? Wonder no more, here's a page with lessons, tools, dangers and a whole slew of informational links: Egg Lessons (warning, tripod link Here's the Google cache in case tripod clamps the bandwidth.

The dental tools seem a little easy to me, a good hand file would probably be much more rewarding, and quieter.
posted by joemaller at 5:49 PM on August 3, 2002

If I start practicing now, I just may be able to master one by next Easter. Beautiful indeed.
posted by gummi at 8:38 PM on August 3, 2002

Wow, I've found at least 2 individual and one set that I'm not sure I can live without.

And I want to take up a new hobby. (I wonder where one finds Emu eggs, anyway.)
posted by dejah420 at 9:20 PM on August 3, 2002

Idaho is nice, but should we start worrying (even more) about Florida?

posted by taz at 1:30 AM on August 4, 2002

(I wonder where one finds Emu eggs, anyway.)

Easy. $10 each.

Thanks for the link, joemaller. I stayed away from Tripod-type sites for obvious reasons but that's a great one. This is just the tip of the iceberg, of course.
posted by mediareport at 10:48 AM on August 4, 2002

I actually started occasionally doing the traditional geometric-type ones (with just beeswax and dye) this past year. I was at a store and saw a starter kit for making them and I remembered seeing some nice ones as a child so I got the kit and gave it a try. Plus, I have a strange interest in my ancestors' ethnic roots. The ones I've done have turned out really nice. The fact that I am commenting on a post about Ukranian Easter Eggs makes me a complete freak.
posted by druzba at 12:31 PM on August 4, 2002

Good news for Pinky fans: "Pinky is 85 and doing OK."

You just gotta love an email that starts with, "Thank You for your interest in Pinky's eggs."
posted by mediareport at 1:31 PM on August 5, 2002

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