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Deep Sea Diver has a new album, Impossible Weight. It's really good guitar oriented moody rock, stop reading and go listen.

You're back? Liked the album? OK. It has been described as "pensive but powerful. The first single is the eopnymous Impossible Wieght, featuring Sharon Van Etten. The band is fronted by Jessica Dobson, who's played with Beck, The Shins and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. She was recently on the JHS Show, talking gear and music showing off her guitar skills and tweaking her pedals with her foot.
Their previous album was Secrets, which is also great.
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Impossible Weight is a pretty darn good single.

But I'm commenting because it was a really odd moment to see a house I regularly go past on my walks (at least pre-COVID) through the neighborhood in the video (at this timestamp).
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Are they from the PNW? All the desert scenes in the Impossible Weight video look like they were shot at Frenchman's Coulee, in central Washington. Anyway, thanks for this, good stuff.
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This kind of music is totally my jam. Thank you for posting this.
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here's Sharon Van Etten performing Peace Signs from her 2010 album Epic
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Some really good music here. Thanks for the post & helping make this discovery.
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The link to the album goes to a bunch of choices for listening. Since I don't use any of those platforms I picked youtube but that only goes to the title track and then veers off into some unrelated playlist. The "Official Store" link goes to Bandcamp which lets you listen to the entire album without ads and without buying it first. I find it odd that Bandcamp isn't branded in that list of options.

That said, nice album and thanks for posting it.
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Oh a lot of that video of the title track is definitely here in Seattle.
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I think the theatre-looking space in Impossible Weight was the Neptune in Seattle.


EDIT: Looking at the description on YouTube, it was!
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yesss, I love them. It's been SO. LONG. since new music.
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I thought that theater looked familiar, but I couldn't place it.
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