I don't know who needs to hear this, but: large omelettes
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The phrase "greatest post in the history of Metafilter" has been bandied about a lot as of late...
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I am excited for these videos to alter my youtube recommendations.
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I was really hoping that Thai omelet pan was hinged so it could be folded over a filling.
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I wouldn't call the 21,000 egg dish an omelette, even when using the Asian methods i'm aware of. The 30 egg omelette looks unbelievably delicious. The stuffing to egg ratio is right up my alley. My bestie loves omelettes, and I normally make them the US way, which is a bed of s&p scrambled eggs that are cooked halfway, then ingredients added to half, then flipped on itself to form a semicircle (or triangle!) of an egg pocket with stuff inside. But the method of rolling - that opens up so many possibilities.
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I was thinking about frying a couple of over-easys for lunch, but now I've seen so many eggs that I'm not even hungry anymore.
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Nobody can eat fifty eggs.
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What are the light grayish sliced things the cook puts into the 30 egg omelet? Some kind of paté or headcheese? The final result looks tasty, but also looks like a gut-buster.
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I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the 21,000 egg one has shells in it.
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I'm just waiting for the 50-egg tornado omurice.

Gotta say, I was secretly thrilled at this post, first time in a very long time that a post on the blue has come up where almost all the links in it are the already-visited color.
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I wouldn't call the 21,000 egg dish an omelette

I don't want to get into a semantic argument over it; I just want the protein.
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30 egg omelet: Seems like it has the highest non-egg ingredient to egg ingredient ratio, which is appealing. Egg-cracking method is unclear. Would eat.

50 egg omelet: I watched the 60 egg one first, but my reaction is about the same. It's smaller, neater, and less brown, compared to the 60, which seem like pluses. People crack eggs against other eggs. Would eat.

60 egg omelet: I didn't really plan to watch all of the 60 egg omelet video, but the chef's technique is so good, I just kept watching, and, a few minutes in, I had a strong enough curiosity about how the thing would eventually be served that... well, I watched the whole thing. At first I was like 'I would totally eat a slice of that omelet,' but then I started trying to calculate how many eggs were in a slice. People crack eggs against other eggs. Would eat, but maybe I'd split it with somebody.

90 egg omelet: Grandpa cracks eggs against a knife. If you're not my grandpa, telling me you're my grandpa is not necessarily something I find endearing. Though I do like the AMSR-ness of the video. Would eat.

21,000 egg omelet: People crack eggs against other eggs. Way too stunty to eat.

2 egg omelet: Eggs are cracked with a cleaver. Would eat? On the one hand, I prefer duck eggs to chicken eggs. On the other, I don't know, man, when in Rome, I guess.

3 egg omelet
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I feel like the 30 egg gyeran-mari is the intersection of quiche and baumkuchen.
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The 30 egg one is more of an omeloaf?

An omnomnomloaf.
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Ooh, at last! A way to eat five dozen eggs every morning so I can grow to be roughly the size of a barge!
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No eggs were broken in the production of this contribution.
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I had no idea Jacques Pepin was the kind of monster who would use a metal fork in a non-stick skillet.
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Hey, he's not paying for 'em.

He does that in a lot of videos; much as I generally enjoy his videos and find them educational, that drives me up a wall.
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I'm not sure if now I really want some eggs or if I never want to see one again, and I've just eaten my dinner but I know what I'll be having tomorrow. Those Korean omelettes (and the 60-egg one) looked amazing, but would the vegetables be cooked through? I'm very much not keen on the texture of soft egg with crunchy vegetables, so I will be having piperade;
Piperade - sliced onions, garlic and red and yellow bell peppers fried very gently in olive oil until soft, then eggs added and cooked. Add some cheese to the egg if you like. The peppers and onion sort of melt into the egg, so the whole thing is a lovely sunset colour.
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> Nobody can eat fifty 21,232 eggs.


The eggs, I mean.

I fixed them for you with love and now they're ready to be et.
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I was going to post some snobby essentialist thing about how none of these are "real" omelettes, in the French sense. But then that Jaques Pepin video of him mixing the mushrooms in with the eggs just broke me. Even Kenji is mixing stuff in his eggs, although maybe since it's just herbs that's acceptable? He overcooks the middle though.

What I'm saying is I'd love a thick slice of Asian-style fried brown omelette, egg rolled into 30 layers and slightly crunchy on the outside.
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Puts my local diner counter man to shame with his puny 3 egg omelette. (Pepin is bound by french tradition apparently) However, I like my omelettes less burned than those. Bacon, onions, mushrooms, jalapeno and Swiss. Oh, please make my home fries extra crisp. Dry rye toast.
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Omelets were the first recipe I tried making at home, and after my mom saw the results, the first recipe book I was given. In many ways onlookers are my mild hangover food, because they're so easy to make. So it's interesting to see someone else's techniques, though I avoid mixing non-seasoning items in with the eggs. I might even try making an omelet roll sometime. But that huge omolete...that's just a stunt, man.
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Unclear why an unflipped and unfolded omelette isn't just a frittata, but then again I used to think a crustless quiche was a frittata and it turns out things are more complicated than that.
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I use antlers in all of my decorating.
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For some reason, I am reminded of the classic recipe for Hot Gingered Pygmy Mammoth & Jumbo Shrimp Salad, by John M. Ford.
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The 30 and 50 egg videos looked especially tasty to me. (Well, except that the 30-egg people seemed to be handling the food with knit gloves, which seems less than ideal, but I'd still eat it.) I would love to try eating that some day.

When I was a teenager and just couldn't eat enough, I would make 12-egg omelets all the time and still be hungry. These days 3 eggs seems like plenty.
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That's certainly un oeuf to feed an army.
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I had a whole thing about how terrible burnt eggs omelettes are, but instead I'll just leave this here as the apotheosis of the technique: Omurice.
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RIP Beth's Cafe.
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