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Epic Rap Battles of History returns with Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump. (Previous opponents: Hillary and Scrooge.)
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"When we go high, you go down on Putin."

I'm a fan of ERB, but the trouble with all of these featuring Trump is that they're closer to his arena than those of more earnest public servants. Not to say eloquence or flow of any kind is one of his faculties, but his entire life is a series of dis matches and playground taunt hooks.
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No Abraham Lincoln and the Giant Bald Bird in this one :-( - which has been a fixture of the last two presidential election cycles. Bit of a shame given the last debate’s Lincoln mentions (I know they would have already recorded). I mean I still enjoyed it, but honestly was just hoping for Lincoln to swoop down and wail on Trump for a couple of minutes.
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I'd prefer a more WWE-style presentation, with surrogates, where the best pro-Biden rapper battles the best pro-Trump rapper.

For Trump, Kanye's out, but 50 Cent, Kid Rock, and 6ix9ine are still in it. While the other two are... also rappers, I think the smart play is Fiddy.

For Biden, our options include Snoop Dogg, Jeezy, Lizzo, Ludacris, and fan favorite Lin-Manuel Miranda. But let's pass on all of them for a mostly-woke rapper who still knows his way around a dis song--Common.

A 50 Cent/Common Donald Trump/Joe Biden rap battle. I would pay real money to see that. Should I start a Gofundme, or just start randomly tweeting at, like, Verzuz and Dr. Dre and Diddy?
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In a just world, this would be Trump's campaign song.
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I think the problem with the Trump Epic Rap Battles is that they have to make Trump a loquacious, fast-flowing, clever speaker, in a way that he is most emphatically not. He does have a very distinctive style of speaking which most people can probably recognise, but it's not suitable for rapping in. I don't know why they didn't just make Trump a groot-like figure - where they afraid of offending Trump's fanbase? - but I don't find this watchable in the same way I find, say, Rick Grimes vs Walter White.
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why they didn't just make Trump a groot-like figure

I think The Coup nailed how Trump would rap over 25 years ago:
Trump Trump check out the cash in my trunk

...his entire life is a series of dis matches and playground taunt hooks.

Agreed, this is Trump's turf. I think this moment from the first 2020 debate was actually impressive in a terrible, obnoxious, toxic way. Trump; talking over Biden with a stream of bullshit (his 'strategy' the entire evening) is also clearly paying attention to what Biden is attempting to say and adjusting on the fly. When Biden gets flustered by the crosstalk and flubs, Trump calls him on the mistake without breaking his own flow, totally derailing Biden (to be clear, it's not Biden's fault for being prepped and willing to engage in actual debate versus playground fuckery).
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The deepfake version
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