The facts on vaccs.
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Vaccine Boot Camp is an infographic that explains vaccine concepts in a clear and memorable way.
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For reasons I don’t understand, the site was doing weird things on my phone. It made my headphones misbehave, and also registered a few triple-button-presses.
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The content was great, though.
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That site crashed my iPad. I think that's a first. I've never seen an app crash the device.
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Their claim that only 6% of vaccine candidates are approved is poorly sourced and probably not right. This recent review puts the number at more like 40%. I've always heard that 20% of biologics that start the trials process get approved and less than 10% of small molecule drug candidates. Vaccines as a category of therapeutic are much better understood than either of those so 40% seems more in line with expectations.
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That was a really nice explanation! I especially liked the illustrations of the six different kinds of vaccines.
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Good stuff. Thank you.
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This recent review puts the number at more like 40%.

That review shows that different disease categories have more success than others; rotavirus vaccines have almost an 80% success rate, for instance. Others, of course, have worse success rates; for example, SARS coronavirus vaccines had a 0% success rate, which is the actually relevant metric. To be sure, this is amongst very few trials, but HIV also has a 0% vaccine success rate amongst almost 200 attempts.
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I had problems with my phone after clicking on this link too.
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Does anyone know if there would be a benefit to taking more than one of these types of vaccine? Do they ever put more than one type together in a single vaccine?
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Do they ever put more than one type together in a single vaccine

Yes. Sometimes multiple diseases (MMR), sometimes multiple strains (Pneumovax is 23-valent).

The problem with this approach is that it tends to rile up the anti-vaxxers who come with zingers like "Too many, too soon." There's enough hesitation about a covid vaccine already that this is a legit concern.

tl;dr, vaccination programs are about 10% development and 90% persuasion of the general public.
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Does not work on my iPad. Crashes when you scroll to the six vaccine types. But was cool up till then!
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Sorry, I didn't mean 2 or more different vaccines together, but 2 or more of the different kinds of the same vaccine, like the different types in the article, put together to increase effectiveness. Eg: a live attenuated covid vaccine+ a virus-like particle covid vaccine.
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