"The Kents didn't have an alarm system for him to disable"
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"Clark Kent invites Bruce Wayne and Diana of Themyscira to his parents' house for Christmas. It goes, in general, pretty okay." "Christmas in Kansas" by unpretty is a cute, sweet, funny fanfiction piece about Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman with tags "Christmas, Fluff, PTSD, the only real violence is in flashback form, aka that one scene that every single thing with batman has to have". An ebook with a pretty cover is available (although you can also download from Archive Of Our Own as ePub/MOBI/AZW3/PDF). Part of unpretty's "DC universe where moms are awesome and raise their kids right. Now with more melanin and queerness."
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OMFG Unpretty is so so so goddamned good.

One of my faves - Martha Kent, dealing with time travelers come to kill her son.
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Brainwane, you've been filling my life with so many good stories lately. <3
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Christmas at the Kents usually has the potential for really strong story telling. There are a few out there where Clark invites J'onn (Martian Manhunter) J'onzz back to the farm to experience a traditional holiday that are really sweet.
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Ok, did not expect to tear up at the gift exchange part. Wow, this was good.
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That was just so darn cute!
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That was a bolt of pleasant warmth in an otherwise lousy year. Thanks for that.
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The Batman: Brave and the Bold cartoon (which is really good, and in its own way a match for TAS) has a nice episode with Batman and Red Tornado at Christmas. It's silly and sad at the same time, and suggests that young Master Bruce might have actually been kind of a jerk kid, before his introduction to tragedy, and that might be something he greatly regrets as an adult.
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This was a really lovely read, thank you! And it was great revisiting the Martha vs Time Travelers one.
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Folks who haven't already read a bunch of Kitty Unpretty's DCU and Batman work: I also recommend to your attention some more funny work by her:

"Bruce Wayne Banned From Walmart: a Snapchat Compilation" (podfic)

"Gotham's Favorite Son" about how Bruce Wayne is beloved in Gotham

"Nominal" ("Don't ask why Batman is sad unless you're willing to give him the time to consult his spreadsheet.")

"Gone Fishing" in which Bruce and Clark try to take a fishing vacation
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Utterly delightful. Thanks for the warm fuzzies, and the links to where to find more!
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That was so very sweet. Thanks so much for posting it.
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Oh, and unpretty is also the author who did weedhorse69 (previously).
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That's a nice story - thanks for the link. These days, all fanfic references to Batman make me think of "The butts match!" from Tumblr.
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Oh man, weedhorse69 got me just now. Guess I'm going to start reading adorable Justice League fanfiction.
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Not to the end yet, but

"That was a very oddly misplaced apostrophe."


Thank you for posting this, brainwane!
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There's definitely a panel in whatever issue Superman meets Kyle Rayner for the first time that omits the caption where Clark decides he must never reveal that he knows Kyle is weedhorse69--to Kyle or any of the Justice League.

"Except Diana of course."

Clark could never pass up the rare chance to really surprise a woman who is 2000 years old.
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One of the great little touches on the spreadsheet one is the scrollbars, and how many items they imply exist unseen off the bottom of the window.
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I found this listing of her fics by topic to be helpful. (It’s not a full list, but has lots of goodies.)
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That is just delightful
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weedhorse69 has a pretty great cameo in one of Unpretty's other faux-tumblr fanfics
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Took a while but I finished 'em all. Very nice.
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