"I needed a better excuse than glory."
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"A Non-Hero’s Guide to The Road of Monsters" by A.T. Greenblatt (previously mentioned in a list of recommended sf/f from 2017) is a light adventure tale of a sidekick-turned-blogger/entrepreneur. "So why do I bother running a business like this? Because monsters are remarkable, unexpected, and totally worth the wait."

For a few months I posted a short story recommendation to the front page every day; this is my last in that series. If you want to keep these posts going, here are resources to help.
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Thank you brainwane! You've given me something to look forward to on a regular basis.
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Excellent story, thank you.

And it reminds me of my last gaming campaign, a few years ago, in which we made several good relationships and allies with otherwise typical hero-fodder monsters. After a year and a half, we’d built a thriving, supportive town that was the center of a pacified region, but would have been a paladin’s worst nightmare!
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Thank you for the posts, brainwane
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Lorc, I knew this story sounded familiar. I must have heard it there.
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This has been a fantastic month, brainwane, thanks for posting these. There's a pile of Best of collections staring at me accusingly from my desk right now, and I'll get straight into them.
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And -- thanks to aniola and sibilatorix -- all the recommendations I made in this series, from 28 August till 31 October, are now in a free ebook, "Short Stories Collected by brainwane: A 2020 Meta-Collection", for easier browsing. Plus there's a spreadsheet -- which may help you in case you want to use these as you think about what to nominate for awards, such as the Hugo Awards or the Otherwise Award, for this year!

(The ebook contains the text I wrote, and links to the stories, but not the content of the stories themselves.)
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