Be still, my beating heart!
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Heartstopper is a webcomic -- and now series of books -- by Alice Oseman. It tells the story of Charlie and Nick, two teenage boys at an all-boys school in the UK who fall in giddily in love -- though the story is as much about their worlds and how their unfolding relationship fits into those worlds as it is about the relationship itself. While the tone is generally gentle and upbeat, it does delve into issues of bullying, self-harm, and eating disorders (and episodes that might be have upsetting content have warnings at the top).

The title link goes to Tumblr (which I found easiest to navigate from start to finish) but it's also available on Tapas and Webtoon
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Did I really type Tumbler instead of Tumblr? Apparently I did
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Mod note: Consider it de-e'd.
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I'm so glad people are sharing web comics via MeFi, I appreciate the leads.

My niece has shown an interest in illustration, I pass these along to her. This is a great example because the style is not tortuously exact and technically refined, I really want her to think about sharing her work and telling stories and I appreciate that she may be reluctant because of the "not good enough" thing.

Thank you, another great one to share.
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I heartily second this recommendation, as well as Alice Oseman's novels and novellas. Dealing and coping with anxiety is a strong theme through-out, and it is tackled comfortably and superbly.
If you are interested in the novels, Solitaire , where Nick and Charlie first appeared, is roughly at the same time as the current web comics, and focuses on Charlie's sister Tori.
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Hooray... I remember when they started this on Tumblr and really enjoyed their explorations of the story. Its absolutely adorable.
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Oh this is on my list. Now I can move it on to my "recommended" list and maybe actually get around to reading it!
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Our (U.S.) library bought the first three as U.K. imports, which is rare, but we could see online that they were popular enough to justify the purchase (and they have been). The second volume is only just now being published in the U.S.
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Dealing and coping with anxiety is a strong theme through-out, and it is tackled comfortably and superbly.

A lot of aspects captivated me but the tenderness and compassion with which it deals with anxiety and other mental health difficulties really touched me. The scene where one character's mother talks to her son about how love means being there for a person but not necessarily trying to fix them was one of many that made me tear up
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This is exactly the kind of heartwarming distraction that I needed today, and I am already thoroughly hooked. I cannot thank you enough for posting this!
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I just devoured this. Thank you!
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UGH. I love this. It is warming my crusty cynical heart on a truly miserable week. Thank you.
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Nothing about this is "my thing," but I am totally hooked. Thank you for posting!
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I too am someone who didn't know I needed this to distract and delight me. Thank you for posting!
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This was so touching and calming. Kept me from reading or listening to any news all last night and day. I really needed a break and this message was perfect. We gotta keep loving and protecting one another.
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