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The Lounge Kittens are a (recently defunct) comedy/lounge cover band from Southampton, England. Their youtube channel features such treats as full music videos of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, a swingin' cover of Alice Cooper's Poison, a tango version of Don't Want to Miss a Thing, an earnestly soft version of Party Hard, a medley of reggae artist Sean Paul, and their last ever performance from February.
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I have no idea why my brain insisted on singing the title of this post to the theme song from "Gummi Bears".
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Fun! They remind me of the Puppini Sisters.
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I was curious why they decided to call it quits, and it looks like they hit that point that ends way too many promising artists’ careers: they were successful enough that it had become a full-time job, but not successful enough to provide full-time income.

“We have struggled to keep TLK financially viable over the years and although it’s never been ‘about the money’ when we add the financial strain to the demands of our own lives and our individual wants and needs, we have simply come to the point where it’s all just a bit too hard.”

On top of that, they also apparently lost thousands of pounds in the PledgeMusic fiasco. PledgeMusic was a crowdfunding site for musicians that during the last two years of its existence began paying its users very sporadically and eventually went bankrupt, stiffing hundreds of artists whose fans had pledged money to them. “[Cofounder Benjie] Rogers said that the crowdfunding platform had used money that was pledged for use by musical artists to pay off the company's debts instead.”
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I was also reminded of the Puppinis! Looks like they are covering a lot more metal and rap, though.

If only they could have lasted long enough to include more country music in their repertoire.
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I was always partial to Africia.

Yeah, shame. Sadly there is more then talent you need to succeed.
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