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The Gopher Tortoise Council The Gopher Tortoise Council was founded in 1978, to learn more about these creatures; teach about them, and preserve them. They are found in the American Southwest, burrow, these burrows provide housing for more than 350 other species. There is some controversy about how to perserve their habitat, but being endangered is because their pine forrest ecostystem has not been taken care of. This is a good explainer The 2020 meeting of the Council has been disrupted because of Covid, so the theme is "stay in your burrow" There is merch
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There was a moment in the first linked video, where I was like, "Oh, that sure is a weird-looking tail... oh, wait, it's not a tail...? OHHHH BOY OHHHHH NO"
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Gopherus polyphemus, apparently also known as the 'cracker chicken', 'Florida chicken', 'Georgia bacon', and 'Hoover chicken'. ('Human predation on the gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) in north-central Florida' - PDF)
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Southeast, not Southwest!

They're handsome little fellas.
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Embarassing typo! Will contact mods to fix!
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Southeast, not Southwest!

Southwest FL is absolutely correct. FL has turtles that live holes in dry ground and owls that burrow!
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There was a moment in the first linked video, where I was like, "Oh, that sure is a weird-looking tail... oh, wait, it's not a tail...? OHHHH BOY OHHHHH NO"

anecdote time: I was visiting a local zoo's reptile house and they had a couple of baby tortoises in their own tank, for close observation. We watched one of them climb onto a tall (for them) rock, and then fall over onto its back. It wiggled around in distress for a little bit, and then pooped. There wasn't a keeper around, and I felt pretty bad for the little guy, so I ended up calling the zoo customer service line.

It's kind of weirdly funny that their problem solving script includes "crap and see if that works," but I've been known to spend 20 minutes in the bathroom at work if I'm tired of a project, so maybe we're not that different.
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I miss seeing these guys on my walks now that we live in New Mexico not Florida. I bought a t-shirt and made a donation. These guys are in the midst of losing an enormous amount of habbitat. Anything I can do to help from a distance...
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When my father was a small boy in Florida in the 1930s he and his little brother had a job at an orange grove catching gophers -- apparently their burrowing wasn't good for the trees. I don't think they made much of a dent in the population though, because he told me since they got paid per tortoise, they would release captured ones and "catch" them again.
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The are the state reptile of Georgia, and a fascinating study organism. The UGA Coastal Ecology Lab has a great Facebook page where they post pictures gopher tortoises and all of other organisms they find in gopher tortoise burrows (and alligators. lots of alligators)
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I made a contribution for one of the shirts (and some extra $$ in case they don't get enough shirt orders)--I am creating a collection of COVID "Wear your mask/Shelter in place" T-shirts.
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