Happy Happy Birthday
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Happy Happy Birthday to Zeldman Presents. Five years old...wow. Hugs for Jeffrey, my favorite link guy :)
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Key of "M": MMMMmmmmmmmmm

Happy Birthday youuuuu...

(Wait a minute JZ Presents is in 3rd person plural)
Happy Birthday youuuuuse guyyyyyyyyyyyyys.....

posted by EricBrooksDotCom at 1:05 AM on May 31, 2000

Happy birthday JZP!
The site taught me how to design better websites, as well as giving me some good laughs and entertainment.

Cheers Jeffrey!
posted by tomcosgrave at 1:55 AM on May 31, 2000

Yes Congratulations Jefffey!

trawling through the archives I'm enjoying reading entires that were made before I discovered Zeldman.com... I can only get as far back as 15th July 1997 ? Any way we can all see the archived entries before then?
posted by williamtry at 2:04 AM on May 31, 2000

Over the last few days I have been trying very very hard to remember how/when I stumbled up on Zeldman.com. And it must have been 97. Probably following a link from a (Siegel?) discussion on some discussion board. I'd like to say 'I haven't skipped a day!' in all those years. But I have. One or two. :-)

Happy B., Mr. Z.


posted by prolific at 3:42 AM on May 31, 2000

Hippo Birdie! Thanks for 5 years of inspiration, laughs, tears, jeers and teaching!

Gosh what's that in dog years? And are web years longer or shorter?
posted by thinkdink at 9:18 AM on May 31, 2000

In dog years it's 35. Trust me to know that one! ;-)
posted by FAB4GIRL at 9:29 AM on May 31, 2000

Congratulations Jeffrey for continuing to inspire us all! Long may you rock!
posted by heather at 9:33 AM on May 31, 2000

"And are web years longer or shorter?"
They say an "Internet Year" is three months.... so Zeldman's got a "teen" site...Kewl!
posted by EricBrooksDotCom at 12:01 PM on May 31, 2000

Congrats Jeffrey!
posted by riffola at 3:07 PM on May 31, 2000

Yo Jeff! Happy Birthday! In dog years, you are just a pup!

posted by betterdog at 5:40 PM on June 11, 2000

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