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Dehd is a 3 person band from Chicago Illinois. They make minimilast post-punk pop music with hints of surf rock, dream pop, and Roy Orbison. Here they are performing songs from their 2020 album Flower of Devotion on KEXP Live at Home. They also make music videos: Loner - Haha - Letter - Flood
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Oh man, this is right up my alley. Thank you!
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A few more videos: On My Side - Lucky
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LOVE. Thank you!
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Dehd is great. They've got a similar surfgaze sound as DIIV but with a bit more noisiness and energy.

Jaguar Sun is another artist in this loose constellation of sounds that I've enjoyed this year.
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Very nice. As someone whose favorite hour of television is the "Fallen Angel" episode of Xena, I really enjoyed the Loner video. Also, looking at the live performance link, their instruments are all so low key! The drummer uses no foot pedals and no cymbals. Kind of refreshing.
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I've had this record on repeat the last month or so, hits a perfect balance.
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This is great!
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