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The Stencil Archive is a searchable archive for thousands of photographs, videos, and more, related to stencil art from around the world.
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This is very cool!
(Grrr - trying to find... but I can't remember the text of them anymore, but they were on the ground at intersections in NYC and I think Philly, and it was these deeply esoteric texts about de Tocqueville and... uh... the moon? They were done in crossing/parking lot marker paint, about 8X10)
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They're Toynbee Tiles? - they're not in the archive, but I'm guessing maybe they are not strictly stencils, although they kind of look like them. Rather they were embedded into the asphalt. But if you search for Toynbee Tiles in general there's a ton of stuff out there.
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YES! Toynbee! Ack! God - that was killing me.

I’m kinda let down it’s not there ... still very cool
posted by From Bklyn at 9:08 AM on November 18

Apparently Banksy lost a copyright case against a greeting card company that stole some of his artwork, because he insists on remaining anonymous, and so... doesn't have a legal identity.
posted by Wilbefort at 4:46 PM on November 18

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