The world's first gay magazine
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Well, that took me down a Wikihole, learning about Ernst Rohm and the Night of the Long Knives. We should never take social progress for granted.
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I'm opposed to gender reveal parties unless they're for German nouns: is "Die Eigene" at the beginning of the post a typo, as I'm assuming, or did the magazine use both feminine and masculine forms?
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I could have sworn that Ulrichs had a magazine, but I guess it was a series of tracts.
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did the magazine use both feminine and masculine forms?

Adolf Brand also worked on a magazine called Der Freundshaft -

Die Freundschaft was founded by Karl Schultz on 13 August 1919, and was alternatively subtitled "Mitteilungsblatt des Klubs der Freunde und Freundinnen" ("News bulletin of the Club of [male] friends and [female] friends")[1] or "Monatsschrift für den Befreiungskampf andersveranlagter Männer und Frauen" ("Monthly magazine for the liberation of men and women of different disposition").

From what I gather this was a partial merger with Die Eigene and had a much broader reach, being available in Berlin news-stands.

It seems Der Eigene is the correct spelling.
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John Coulthart's 2010 article Der Eigene: Kultur und Homosexualität includes a link to the many DE page images at Wikimedia.
... consider that not only was this a year after Oscar Wilde had been imprisoned in Britain but that Brand’s publication was only the first of several journals advocating gay rights at a time when homosexual acts were still illegal in Germany....
The magazine lasted until 1932.

In 1900 Brand (then in his 20s) had published 1000 copies of poetry anthology Lieblingminne und Freundesliebe in der Weltliteratur by German artist Elisar von Kupffer. They're rare. In 1995, Berlin publisher Verlag rosa Winkel(f. 1975, OOB 2001) published a facsimile edition.
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