Shameika said I had potential
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“Sweetie, you got potential. You don’t have to worry about these girls, Fi. Come sit with me at my table.”—Shameika Stepney recounts the advice she gave a young Fiona Apple

“This is a white woman during Black Lives Matter giving a Black woman her flowers,” Shameika says. “That’s some real shit. That’s why it’s so powerful.”
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Oh, I love this story and I love this reunion.
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Absolutely love this song, and the surrounding story makes it even sweeter.
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I'm so happy about this! Thanks for sharing.
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I've been waiting for this moment since I first heard the song! What a brilliant album.
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This story is amazing.


Follow-up (this is better)
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Did not think the best album of the year could get any better after the fact, but it just did.
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Oh, my - this is WONDERFUL.

(Beautifully written by Jenn Pelly, too.)

Thank you, truly, for sharing this, komara.
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What an amazing story for anyone who thinks that they can’t make a difference.
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I love this album so much, and this song is sort of one of the bedrock tracks from it. I haven't taken in any of this post yet, but thank you for this. I am so looking forward to digesting it.
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Thanks so much for posting this! One day, maybe when I'm old and wiser, I'll be able to play piano like Fiona. So much groove, and she has a way of conceptualizing rhythm that's really unique.

I love Fiona Apple's music so much (so odd because I produce dubstep and play bass in a melodeath band) but she's a serious badass for charting her own path in the music industry as a woman and was one my first memories of an artist stepping around the labels to make her music heard - at a time when I remember bitching to my musician friends about the All Powerful Labels.

The thing about Fiona is I get lost in my music bubble, and come back every few years and then get OBSESSED with her latest release (my first Fiona album was Extraordinary Machine when I was 19) and then I get pulled away by my more normal musical influences. And now I got pulled back again!
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Not to abuse the edit window: that story is so incredibly moving. Both Fiona and Shameika are so lucky to be able to renew that connection from childhood over something as profound as making music.
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And now I got pulled back again!

To be fair it's her first release in a zillion years, and it was a bit of a surprise when it came out. She recorded it all in her house on her laptop and used different room ambience and objects around the house for atmosphere or percussion. It's a brilliant piece of work all around, a real gift during this year.
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Shameika lyrics

Shameika Said lyrics

This whole exchange is awesome, as in truly evoking awe in me. What a thing. 2020, thank you!
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I was driving my chevy down a blowy snowy road & somehow that song came on the scratchy radio & I don't know anything but I was
blown. a. way!
So grateful to read more about it and to hear it again and that remix.
and grateful to all the Shameikas out there.
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