Putting the fiber back in food
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What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Eating Sugar: Fighting those cravings is life changing—literally.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Sounds like the guy cited in the article is known for his woo. -- Eyebrows McGee

I remember watching a video of some professor professing why sugar is so bad for you. It's basically because they refine all the fiber out. My takeaway at the time was that if I eat a donut, I should eat a couple leaves of kale. Which, if you're not ready to quit refined sugar, is actually a pretty decent half measure.
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You can pry my Cap’n Crunch from my cold, dead ha—

Oh, I see...that’s the point.

Yeah, I probably should cut down a bit.
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I've been on a low-carb diet for almost a year now. While the article is a bit woo in tone, I will agree that my interest in sugary and starchy foods is now nil. Quite a turnaround for someone who ate ice cream, cookies and bread on a regular basis. In the back of my mind, there's still a little voice that says, "I'd like a treat." But none of the usual treats interest me now. Now for a treat, I eat strawberries instead of strawberry ice cream.
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there are two people quoted from extensively in this article. One, david wolfe, from his amazon bio linked to as one of "americas leading nutritionists"

"Each year, women absorb pounds of toxins through cosmetics and beauty products. These creams, lotions, and cleansers not only work against us—dehydrating our skin, clogging our organs with harmful toxins, and disrupting our hormone balance"

ok wat

similarly, look at his amazon pub page

dozens of BS red flags.

re: diet and sugar. we can do better than amplifying this shmuck, mefi

" Wolfe is the son of two medical doctors, and holds degrees in law, mechanical and environmental engineering, and political science, as well as a master's in living-food nutrition."
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I can state with total confidence that quitting sugar is not this dramatic and life-changing for everyone. In fact, for me, quitting sugar at a doctor's recommendation just meant I didn't get to eat a bunch of my favorite foods, and I still had a chronic yeast infection. I did not feel better in the slightest. In fact I felt worse because I worked in an office with free snacks and I could barely eat any of them. It sucked.

I mean, come on. Lots of people have tried quitting sugar for awhile for one reason or another. If it was this great for everybody we'd all be doing it. But a lot of people go off sugar for a while, find it didn't improve whatever it was it was supposed to improve, and go back to enjoying sugar at whatever level we please. Same as any other elimination diet.
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