"Can You Hear Me?" is waiting for you to discover on Netflix
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If "Trailer Park Boys" briefly transported you to a slice of Nova Scotia and "Letterkenny" did similar with a version of rural Ontario, get on board with "Can You Hear Me?" for a trip to Quebec. I cannot think of anything I've seen recently that seems so real, in terms of friendships among women. I just made it to the end of the first season (2 seasons available on Netflix) and I'm scared to keep watching. I'd greatly appreciate recommendations for similar if you've seen this series and share my deep appreciation for it.
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This show plays so realistically, it can be hard to watch. It’s really well cast. I’m on the second season but stalled because it is bumming me out. But it’s a very well made show. Don’t have any recs for similar, haven’t really seen anything like it.
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I am currently browsing netflix for a good film thanks for the tip
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Hello 912lab, my pleasure. Feel free to reciprocate if something has really struck you. "Can You Hear Me?" just seemed unlike anything I've seen recently.. Very funny at times, very tough a lot of the times, and I'm a man with good women friends and the portrayal of friendship seems very real.
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I started watching it tonight because of this recommendation. I grew up in Montreal so I thought it might be cool to check it out. It's fantastic. Equal parts charming and gritty.
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Thanks for the tip. Looks like the missus and I have a new project.
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we're watching this now alternating with episodes of Emily in Paris
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Oh my, this sounds intriguing. Thanks Elkevelvet.
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Wow -- thanks for the alert! I devoured two episodes immediately last night.
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My heart breaks a little for everyone just starting this show because it is so good, but boy, it darkens. No spoiler, and totally recommend to watch, just content warning I guess.
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I'm about three in and this is great. Sorry to hear that my heart is about to get stomped to a thin paste, though.
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It's good (2 so far) but it reminds me a little of The Deuce, which I thought was brilliant, even while it was making me blue. Toward the end of that one I resorted to reading plot summaries beforehand and never watching more than one episode at a time, sometimes out of the corner of an eye. Detachment isn't always one of my achievements.

Anyway, I started really liking this one as I watched Caro agree, again and again, that yes it was time she chose a burrito, Ada never losing her cool.
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Thanks for the rec! I just finished the Hookup Plan and needed something new. I started watching it today!
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I’m five episodes in, thanks to this recommendation. This is an incredible show, and so worth watching.
I grew up in Quebec, and many high school friends lived lives similar to the three main characters. It’s so difficult to watch, and so realistic.
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