Underwater statues for the environment
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Ciao e grazie per tutti i pesci!*

*web-based translation.
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I love this. And it's fun to imagine them being forgotten and then rediscovered 1000 years from now - would anyone be able to guess the purpose of this mysterious undersea sculpture garden?

Also, grim lols at this ending line:

"We’d like someone to help our battle in defence of the sea. Do you know if any soccer player or influencer is available?"
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posted by bq at 2:38 PM on November 24, 2020

More fun for archeologists of the far future!
posted by Umami Dearest at 6:54 PM on November 24, 2020

I’ve never wanted to be a soccer player or influencer more.
posted by Bloxworth Snout at 2:42 AM on November 25, 2020 [3 favorites]

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