Ah! Hello Adventurer!
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Epic NPC Man is a web series by New Zealand comedy group Viva La Dirt League "parodying the gameplay, glitches, bugs and physics of a range of role-playing games such as World of Warcraft, Skyrim and the Witcher. Set in the fictional world of Azerim in the fictional MMORPG called Skycraft, the series features a range of recurring non-player characters with varying levels of self-awareness." Also: chickens.

Viva La Dirt League also has a wide variety of other sketch comedy videos, many of which are themed around other video games.
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This group started showing up in my Facebook feed about two months ago. I’ve watched an embarrassingly large number of the skits. They are funny, and have semi professional production values. It’s actually one of the few things on Facebook that makes me laugh nowadays. They’ve got a pretty big spread between making fun of fantasy MMO‘s, World War II first person shooters, battle royale games, red dead redemption and even a few skits about modern office life particularly any computer gaming store or tech company. They cover all the bases and there’s something to laugh about in almost everyone of their bits. Also, as soon as I saw “Ah, Hello Adventurer!”, I knew immediately what this FPP would be about.
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seasparrow - I was torn between "Ah! Hello adventurer" and "Mornin! Nice day for fishing! Ha-hyuh!"
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You made the right call. It's their most memorable tagline.
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They had a really great series also about a group of professional gamers, that works as a movie. (it's about an hour long)

I found them because I was a PUBG and Tarkov player and their skits about that are all pretty spot on.

I uuuusually wait for the supercuts (sorry guys, I am sure you do better if I watch them all individually) because I don't really do single-serving-short-video stuff that much, I like to sit down and watch something for a half hour. But I do like and survive and ding that bell and so forth.
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Their Red Dead supercut is particularly fun. I laughed from recognition... "Hang on I got to refill my Deadeye."
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Horse pocket?

Love the dirt league guys. They also have a DnD series.
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Set in Howick Historical Village, a NZ settlement "as it was in the mid to late 1800s".

But with more adventurers.
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This reminds me of my favorite Youtube game-character centers sketch comic CalebCity. Here's some favourites:
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Thank you for posting this it is sooo much fun!
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Popular Ethics: Those are fantastic. If there hasn't already been a CalebCity FPP here at Metafilter, I encourage you to make one.
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I don’t play video games often and this was clearly evident when at the beginning of the pandemic I thought I could use some of the NPC villagers in Stardew Valley to replace some of the human interaction I was missing. I quickly learned that this was setting myself up for disappointment.
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I normally ignore facebook ads, and theirs are styled similarly to some genuinely terrible Facebook videos, but they are actually very funny and also quite charming.

I guess the obnoxious clickbait style is what works on Facebook; the videos are styled much less obnoxiously on youtube
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Horse pocket is my favourite. But they're all pretty great if the subject matter works for you.
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