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The Game UI Database launched this week, joining Interface in Game and Videogame Interfaces in documenting the ever-growing complexity and variety of in-game user interfaces, from A Short Hike’s retro pixel aesthetics to Firewatch’s 3D real world maps and journals and Destiny 2’s “Flat 2.0” menus.
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This is great!
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Okay, I had to look up Flat 2.0. Apparently it means, "mostly flat, but occasionally not flat when it seems useful for conveying something.

They have the six options for style, "Comic/Graphic" "Crafts" "Flat" "Flat 2.0" "Pixel" and "Skeumorphic" the inclusion of Flat makes me wonder about the opposite. You know, the mobile game thing where everything looks like glistening hard candy, or are they just lumping that under Skeumorphic?
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RobotHero: Candy Crush is here. Skeuomorphic apparently.
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I guess, though skeuomorphic was originally an imitation of real-world buttons. I feel there's elements in that style that are distinct from that which may warrant its own style category by now.
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Huh ... woulda highlighted DeadSpace's 3D immersive UI, myself. Destiny 2's UI is nothing special or innovative at all (although I guess you added it as an example of classification ...).
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I feel like game UI needs its own style categories, like coloured glow, old paper, golden filligree and so on.
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It's definitely incomplete. They're presumably going to add more over time. No DeadSpace, no Fallout Pip Boy.
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Looks like the web site has been hugged to death.
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Mark as best answer.
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I was just looking at Westworld's tablet UI for inspiration so this is relevant to my interests...
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