Song for a Winter's Night
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The indie folk group The Good Lovelies have done a beautiful cover of "Song for a Winter's Night." The song was originally written in 1965 by Gordon Lightfoot on a very hot summer evening when he was playing clubs in Cleveland, USA, missing his wife back home and thinking of snowy Canadian winters. It has been covered many times, often in a slower, more melancholy tempo than Lightfoot's original: Sarah McLachlan's ethereal 1990s cover; a rare Harry Belafonte live cover; Blue Rodeo's gentle country-rock cover. Bonus: a charming French bluegrass version by The Confinement Band, four musicians recording in four different French cities.
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The Good Lovelies are a fantastic trio and definitely deserving of a FPP.
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Sarah McLachlan's rendition (correct link)
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(Oops, thanks Rash for the heads up—I’ve asked the mods to replace it!)
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Mod note: Fixed link!
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Oh, that French bluegrass cover!
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1. The Sarah McLachlan cover was my wedding song (Spouse and I married on winter's night).
2. I can't believe I have not heard the Blue Rodeo cover until today.
3. The French bluegrass cover is beyond lovely.
4. It is the first day of my vacation and my day 1 activity will be to dive into The Good Lovelies catalog and take a listen.
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One of my favorite songs and beautiful versions all. Thanks!
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the man could write a song. One of my fave recent discoveries is Nico's take on I'm Not Sorry, with Jimmy Page and Brian Jones in the background.

But more and more I'm coming around to loving his first impressions. His is somewhat of an odd voice for his time, an upright (never uptight) baritone that feels grounded in some pre-20th century tradition. I definitely lean toward his take on Winter's Night as my fave, though all of these sound okay to my ears.
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Those were all quite lovely. Thank you.
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theBigRedKittyPurrs, what a beautiful wedding song!
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Previously mentioned on Metafilter, late 80's Canadian rock sensation Glass Tiger also has a lovely version.
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