This is the Yule!
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Theme from “Apocalypse Yule” Pirate-Bartender-Zombie-Monkey intones the dark tale of the Krampus Corps vs those goddamn elves and their leader up on the Pole. [via mefi projects]

Then, plunge into the depths of The Long Yuletide War, Part 1 "Whip of the Red Hunter" and the rest of the Tales of the Dark Winter.

Fingers trembling, Tobin opened the small glassine envelope and withdrew its contents. Almost without thought, he thrust it up under his nose, and was overwhelmed by the scent. Wet, animal, angry, wretched... So angry... So much sin...

Violence is the reason for the season.
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The full Tales of the Krampus Corps might just end up as a video by next Winter Solstice. Making AY was mad fun.
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