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A 4-part expose into suspicious business practices in the feline beauty industry [Comedy; Youtube] Poor Miss Tteoksoon! All she wanted was some self-care, but her "bougie (but suspicious!)" cat spa keeps upselling her more treatments. [All videos are in Korean but with equally delightful English captions. Possible TW for the usual bodyshaming language aestheticians employ, but it's clearly ridiculous in this case as it's directly applied to cats]

Yes, the cat is really that much of a lapcat. (unfortunately in the comments of the videos the channel owners had to defend their cats against accusations of them drugging them or similar treatments)
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This is hilarious. Thank you for posting.
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I have a cat of approximately the same fluffiness but he would NEVER chill out even a fraction as much. I am in awe.
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Cat: Why are you making the wrong end pretty? You should be making this end pretty!

presents butthole
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I started watching this and decided it was too much cuteness and relaxation :3

I love that one of the comments is "I'm a massage therapist [presumably for people] and I learned a thing or two about speaking sweetly to my clients".
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This combines so many of my favorite things: cats, spas, ASMR, Korean, and gentle silliness. Thank you so much for sharing.
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This was nice. I especially liked when the cat tried to eat the facial mask. So friggin' cute.
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Is it not a little suspicious how humans are spending a lot more time with cats at home now and how spas are closed except for cat spas? I’m not saying cats are behind COVID, but ...
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I don’t like ASMR stuff generally, but I do like this. Very, very relaxing indeed.
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I had a cat a lot like this - not in looks, but in temperament. She loved to be held. As long as she was getting attention, it was all good. Watching her blissed-out, sleepy face as I gently massaged her cheeks or that perfect spot in front of her ears never failed to give me the sense that I was doing at least a little good in the world.

She died a couple of months ago of cancer at the age of eighteen.

Watching this cat brought a little bit of that feeling back. And on top of that, it was funny! So thanks. :)
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I had a cat that would bliss out like this. I would give it foot massages and it would get so limp it would fall between my legs.
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This was great! Thank you for sharing. The cat-sized face mask was an especially nice touch. :)
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I think we could all use someone speaking sweetly as they gently stroked our face. I found this incredibly relaxing.
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There's a Part 5 now. Miss Ttaeksoon is getting ready for Miss Feline World.
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