Messiah with a new Handle
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Messiah/Complex..... is a "daring new interpretation of Handel’s Messiah, a truly cross-Canada performance — in Arabic, Dene, English, French, Inuktitut, and Southern Tutchone, and accompanied by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra." Streaming free from now until Jan. 7th. (Trailer). In collaboration with Against The Grain Theatre.
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I want to watch and donate. Is it better to donate via ticketleap (with which I am signing up to view the livestream) or to donate on the Against The Grain Theatre page - in other words will the donation that is shared with ATGT the same either way? How can I find this out?
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This was lovely - thank you!
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Based on some cursory investigation, Ticketleap collects $1 + 2% for themselves and 3% for card processing fees. AtG's general donation page uses CanadaHelps, which charges 4% that includes the card processing fees.

That seems to make it a no brainer to choose the direct donation, but CanadaHelps does event ticket thing too, and AtG has chosen not to use them for this and I can't guess why, so... unclear how to factor that in. I'd go with the direct donation based on having had positive experience with CanadaHelps in the past.
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