January 8 -- Bowiemas 2021
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Bowiemas is upon us! Jan 8th would have been David Bowie's 74th birthday. So many ways to celebrate! Perhaps begin with David & Cher performing Can You Hear Me, the b-side for the single Golden Years in 1975.

Duran Duran just put out their own cover of Five Years. It's very DD and also very Bowie.

Then maybe change things up with Sammy Hagar and The Circle doing a respectful and respectably rockin' cover of Heroes.

Far Out Magazine has the story of Ricky Gervais' David Bowie-inspired show "Golden Years". The article features video links.

Far Out also shows you a portrait that Paul McCartney painted of Bowie. It's a bit unexpected.

David Bowie is releasing a new 7" single today. It's a double A side which features John Lennon's "Mother" and Bob Dylan's "Tryin' To Get To Heaven", both recorded in 1998 for different projects.

A limited run stream of a filming of the stage musical Lazarus, starring the original Off-Broadway and King's Cross cast including Michael C. Hall and Sophia Anne Caruso will be available (for a fee) for three performances from Jan 8-10. Tickets are available here, and full information about how this all works (including stream times) can be found here.

Another performance available this weekend will be A Bowie Celebration: Just For One Day. A live-streamed concert on Jan 8 featuring a zillion performers, it will be a celebration of David Bowie's life, art, and legacy. Save The Children will be a charity beneficiary of this paid stream. Tickets will allow for a 24 hour viewing window (rather than being necessarily LIVE). The box office and merch tent can be found here.

Celebrate Bowiemas, his arrival into our midst, his time spent here sharing himself with us, however you wish. Share an alternate celebration if you have one!

Bowienalia is swift upon us! Long live Bowie!
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My favorite Bowiephenalia is Bowiebranchia, where there is a lovely nudibranch paired with Bowie's many lovely outfits.
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That painting is... something else!

If anyone is interested, the Dublin Bowie Festival starts on the 10th. Usually an in-person series of events, this year, of course, it's virtual. Lots of discussions on the agenda with folks like Tony Visconti, Woody Woodmansey and Rick Wakeman.
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"Bowie Spewing"/"McCartney Shits" was the first good laugh I've had in days.
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Holy smokes, "Can You Hear Me" is one of my favourite songs and there's a version with Cher???

It truly is a Bowiemas miracle!
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Bowie's death in 2016 was the start of the Year We All Thought (at the time) Was The Worst Year Ever - when so many of the great and good died and Trump was elected. Little did we know ...

One of the best MeFi meetups I've ever been to was the Bowie Exhibition at the V&A a few years ago. We'd chosen a Friday evening, and entrance was by pre-booked tickets. About 12 of us wanted to go, and we could only get tickets for entry between 8.15 and 8.30 pm - it was open, I recall, until 10pm.

It was fantastic, and because we were amongst the last to go in, by the time we got about one-third of the way round, there was hardly anyone left in the place and so we were able to see all the exhibits up close. IIRC, we went for a curry afterwards.
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Choir! Choir! Choir! is also doing a free, online Bowie singalong on Sunday.
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Blessings of Bowiemas to all who celebrate. Thank you for your post, hippybear.

I can't believe it's been five years.

I think that I would rather watch the weird Golden Years mini-series from 30 years ago over anything by Ricky Gervais.
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Happy Bowiemas, my brethren. This year we're not traveling or throwing any big party celebration, just listening to holiday music at home with the family. Bowie bless us, every one. Five Years.
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Shameless plug here for my hometown favorite radio station, where DJ Rick McNulty does his fifth annual four-hour long Bowie Bash, starting tonight (Friday 1/8/21) at 7pm Central US time (GMT-6). KUTX stream here.

I have an archive of last year's edition, it's very scholarly and very awesome.

KUTX usually posts Left of the Dial (McNulty's weekly free-form show) for on-demand listening the following week, but that's been intermittent with All This Going On.
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From Chaucer Doth Tweet today:

Ther ys a Starman waitinge yn the skye
He wolde wisshe to come and meet us
Yet doth thynke it wolde blowe ower myndes
Ther ys a Starman waitinge yn the skye
He tolde us not to blow it
For he knoweth it ys all worthwhile

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Fucker had to go die and here we are in this reality.
RIP. But damn you Bowie, you were supposed to take us all beyond this.
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Five Years: Blackstar
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Five Years Before That (recording began in 2011): How David Bowie stunned the world with The Next Day.

The Next Day
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Also in his last year: Lazarus (Original Cast Recording) [includes three final Bowie tracks at the very end]
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I should mention that the Lazarus cast album was recorded on Jan 11, 2016, the day after Bowie died. I can't imagine being in the studio to do that.
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Well, shit. I was going to watch Lazarus today but it turns out it started 15 minutes ago and not later this evening like I had thought. Stupid Sunday matinees.
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