"it’s actually about our tending to one another."
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Cultivating Place: Conversations on Natural History and the Human Impulse to Garden, a weekly public radio program & podcast exploring how and why we garden. Episodes feature the founder of the Palestine Heirloom Seed Library, Vivien Sansour; author Jamaica Kincaid on Botany, Geography, History & Power; poet Ross Gay on Structures of Care and so many more.
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Oh, this looks (sounds) really wonderful.

I especially want to check out the recent episode with Duron Chavis.

And I quite like their update from this week:
Happy new year gardeners, it was a long - really long - 2020 and it will not be a short 2021 by all forseeable measures. Especially after yesterday. And that’s OK, we are Gardeners we can work with determination, patience, and faith

Thanks so much for posting this, spamandkimchi - I've just subscribed.
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Yes thanks for sharing. Looks wonderful. Have subscribed.
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For a while I've dreamed of participating in a community garden. At my new place in central Mexico, the owner of the building was planning a rooftop garden just as I moved in.

I'm not a great gardener, but my contribution of a compost tumbler is most welcome... and guess what, I get to know my Mexican and gring@ neighbors a little bit better into the bargain.

Tl;dr: this is highly relevant to my interests.
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Thanks! This looks great, I'm off to give it a listen.
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Ooooh! PS - the October 22nd episode is about a friend of mine, Judith Phillips.
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