I know it...involves an unsettling amount of detached body parts
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1. Bad robotics maven Simone Giertz makes Teeth Wall, a midi-powered 12-note xylophone of chattering teeth.
2. Swedish artist Love Hultén runs with the concept with a 25-note sampler synthesizer also made of chattering teeth: the VOC-25.
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I'd seen the VOC-25 before (I love it), but I missed the link in the description back to Simone Giertz's video (which I also love).

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and using external monitors is a good way to reduce mechanical noise.

Suggestion: if mechanical noise is a concern, step a) is don't build a wall of clackety teeth
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I posit that the voice characteristics should be controlled by pink trombone for maximum insanity.
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Tuned in to Simone Giertz hoping for Scraps the workshop dog to make an appearance. Was not disappointed!
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Just discovered Simone Giertz thanks to this and omg, her channel is delightful!
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I was sure that LMNC link was going to be Greensleeves, although that only has the one creepy animatronic.
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Man, that Simone video was an emotional ride I was not prepared for. I just love the way she is always so amused by the results of her projects. Seeing her smile as she tested it out was wonderful.

And that MIDI controller. I could think of a lot of uses for that but for some reason most of them also involve teeth.
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Move over Wall of Sound, music has a new friend, Wall of Teeth.
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I want to watch this, but in the time of covid I've noticed that low on outside visual inputs my dream life is influenced by videos and not really sure I want a gigantic robotic wall of teeth in my dreams....
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What about music created by parasitic fungi?
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Would the pitch change if you molded snappy jaws of different sizes?
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Eddie Goldfarb, the 98 year old inventor of chattering teeth, is still going strong.
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I guess the first thing I pictured is they would chatter at different rates, rather than trying to tune the teeth.
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These are great and nicely disturbing, but my musical tastes run to the combination of eager, friendly 70's charm and implication of possible eternal captivity provided by the Big Mouth Singers.
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Simone Giertz is a national treasure. Change my mind. (You won't.)

Most excellent.
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I can change your mind, because she's an INTERnational treasure.
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...I feel oddly relieved that I'm not the only person who's had to clarify that the human teeth they bought from the internet were not real human teeth.

Having previously run into a mass teeth chattering event on Legion, it struck a similar fascinating/appalling note in that context as well.
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To derail momentarily, I love the word 'maven', and not until only a couple of years ago did I realise that it's Yiddish.
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"eye of newt" - that is the most amazing, sweet little bio I have seen in ages!

Had a little epiphany watching that... it was always a little "weird" historically for someone to be an "inventor"...

But now... with a little re-branding, it is cool to be a "maker"...
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