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Since last summer, Cesar (also known as Guitar_Knight14) has been painstakingly recreating the musical Hamilton inside of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. After six months of work, he completed all of Act 1, which you can view as a YouTube playlist or a single hour-long video.

According to the animator, the elaborate Act 1 finale Non-Stop alone took “1 week and a half of recording (298 clips), 7+ hours of editing, more than 15 different scenarios and many hours without sleep.” After a well-deserved break for the holidays, Cesar has returned to bring us the start of Act 2.
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Aaaaugh. This is amazing. Truly best of the web. Thanks for sharing!!
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Looks like I’ll be keeping that subscription fee, Disney+
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Oh my God. Oh my God!

If you check out the first minute and think, "ha, that's cute, but I've seen enough," NO! Keep going, keep going. It is amazing.
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You know, every time I start to lose faith in humanity, something as delightful as this appears.
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That 'Satisfied' is truly remarkable, I think it brings out some aspects of the song better than the original filming
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I was just blown away by how he did the rewind in Satisfied - this is unbelievably good.
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I ... probably should NOT wake up the tween and the teen just to show them this. I have self-control, and will show them in the morning, when it will blow their minds.

Yes. That is the way.
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Haha, very appropriate casting for Alexander (single-most-popular-villager Raymond the cat).

I was also impressed at how dynamic it felt even though the actors were almost always standing in one place within each shot.
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I haven’t played Animal Crossing myself, but I do know it’s not constrained to a one-room black box theater. What’s the reasoning behind the creator not making use of the rest of the island?
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I believe the only way you can control what any of the (non-human, NPC) villager characters do is by setting up scenes in the photo studio on Harv's Island. Any scenes you wanted to shoot outdoors, you'd have to use only human player characters or hope for a villager to be performing an action you wanted to use. You also have very limited camera control outdoors, and can only point it in one direction. (Not to mention, Hamilton is a stage play, and if you're going to recreate it, you might as well do it on a stage.)

There's a video showing how to do this sort of thing here.
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@lazugod — The player has a lot more control of what goes on in the photo studio in terms of what villagers wear and what reaction animations they use and so on than they do elsewhere in the game. Most of this has to be shot in the photo studio because most of these figures are unusable as “actors” outside of that “theater”, due to the game AIs.

(Edit: after posting, jinx!)
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And now that I've seen the "You'll Be Back" video, there are a couple of brief shots outdoors on the beach. That song, notably, is mostly a solo performed by a human character.
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GAH! this is AMAZING! Our kiddo is obsessed with both Hamilton and Animal Crossing, so this is going to be SO much fun to share.
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The spittle during "You'll Be Back" is *chef's kiss*. That guy Groffs.
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The newest game contains Photopia, aka Harv's Island, which is an area sort of like your house but in which you can arrange props and characters largely how you wish, and orchestrate character actions to a degree. It's largely what makes setting up and syncing animal actions possible.
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I'm on "My Shot," and it's already such a joy. Well done.
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I’ve been visiting Metafilter for over 20 years now and it’s stuff like this that keeps me coming back.

Really incredible.
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This is almost inexplicably compelling. And I say this as someone who prefers listening to Hamilton to watching it.
It hits *all* the right notes. I don't want to overthink it but there's resonance in the "likeability" and uniqueness of the Animal Crossing characters and the characters in Hamilton. I think that's some of the lightning in this bottle.
Anyway. Wonderful and brilliant.
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All the fan animatics on YouTube have long convinced me that animation is a natural medium for Hamilton.
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This is such amazing icing on the cake of a great day today. My 10 year old watched all of Act One with a look of pure joy on his face.
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My best friend is a huge Hamilton fan, so I've heard the whole thing all the way through quite a few times, but I'd never really paid attention or really even cared about it (besides thinking those are some darn catchy tunes) until I ended up sitting rapt through this version.
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I didn't think today could get any better. Wow wow wow!
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