Time for some cheese, pastries, and potatoes
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From Aprikosenwähe and Birchermüesli to Zigerhöräli, Helvetic Kitchen has been posting hundreds of Swiss recipes since 2015.
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The Zigerhöräli recipe made me very curious about Schabziger. I'm intrigued:

It's cheese. And it's green. A pale pastel green, from the blue fenugreek that flavours it. It's made from skimmed cow's milk and pressed into cones that rest for two to six months. The resulting product is hard and crumbly and can be mixed with butter to make a spread, tossed into fondue, or grated over pasta or vegetables.

Helvetic Kitchen looks great!

While I don't have any Schabziger (did I mention I was intrigued?), I love some of the dead simple things in here, like the speckrüebli. I like roasting carrots with a bit of honey or maple syrup and some thyme. It never occurred to me to wrap them in bacon or speck. Silly me!
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In the basement floor of the Jelmoli department store in downtown Zuerich, they have a really lovely grocery store. There's a cheese cave that you enter with motion-sensing doors. And piles of potatoes of many, many kinds: shapes, sizes, and colors. And flavors, I imagine. And names and origins. The Swiss in this part of their country do seem to love their cheese and potatoes.
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Very cool! I've been wanting to go to this old blink-and-you'll-miss-it Swiss restaurant in San Francisco, on the ground floor of a nondescript apartment building on a nondescript block, next to a liquor store. Until the world straightens out again, maybe I'll try some Alpine cookery of my own.
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"It doesn’t get much better than cheesy dumplings in broth."

This is simple, looks amazing, and has an interesting Road-to-Wellville-esque back story.
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*searches for*... Brunsli - nice!
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I never thought I'd think that a national cuisine that seems to be almost entirely composed of shades of brown would look so delicious.
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