Recent short non fiction story from Ann Patchett
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These Precious Days (Harpers) An engaging read, serious (cancer) but not depressing.
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Absolutely amazing.
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She is just so very good at love. Doing it, and writing it. If you want more, read Lucy Grealy's Autobiography of a Face (the Lucy in the story) and then Ann's Truth & Beauty.
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Awwwwww! Fingers crossed!

(Note: Tom Hanks comes up in this, for those interested in such.)
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Holy shit, that was amazing.
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Wow that was a wonderful read; thank you!
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Every time I pick up something she writes I find it more beautiful then I expected.

Thank you for posting!
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Thank you so much. I was supposed to clean my house this morning, not get stuck into a long, beautiful love story, but things have a way of working out.
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j810c, I got completely absorbed in this moving, funny, surprising, deeply loving chunk of memoir. I've never read anything by Patchett before and now I feel like I already know her. What a gift!

Tom Hanks! Psilocybin! A lost cell phone! An amazing jacket! A natural disaster! Deep and surprising and nourishing friendship! There is just so much in this!
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Beautiful! Thank you for posting, I would have missed it otherwise.
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Really enjoyed this. Thanks!
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Made my week -- thanks so much for the link.
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