Can you solve the mystery of these 60-year-old travel photos?
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CNN: stunning found-photos from Alaska. Snapshots of everyday life in Alaska-- check out the entire set of photos. Included are people going about their chores, dogs, planes, families at home, Yup'ik dancers, nuns, a parade in downtown Anchorage, and a whole bunch of wiggly kids.

The finder is seeking information about the places and people in the pictures. Commenters have identified shots in Anchorage and Bethel, but most remain a mystery. Do you think you might know someone here?

Learn more about Alaska's history: there's a whole other digital archive to check out, too.
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It appears the Moravian Church is a Protestant denomination with a strong missionary tradition. I bet there is some information that could be found in their historical records.
posted by Big Al 8000 at 4:02 PM on January 28

Comments indeed are worth reading. The 1960 photo was fun to just guess. Hotel, rail line, cliff with buildings. Also, using locations on Google maps is cool in identified photos.
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Very cool. Hope people can sleuth these out and families can get their heirlooms.
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My dad served in the army in Alaska in the 1950s. A few years ago I came across all the 35mm slides he took while there, and had them digitized and printed up into a book. Really amazing to look through.
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Those pictures are amazing. So many round cheeked kiddos and sled dogs! And Santa bringing presents around the hospital (?)!
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What strikes me is how little insulation most of those homes appear to have, like that army hut near the top of the list. I get cold just looking at them.
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It appears the Moravian Church...

The only reason I know the Moravian Church is that they have cool stars and if you go to Lititz, PA for Wilbur buds there's a neat little Moravian Church historical museum in the old part of town.
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I'm from Philadelphia, and lived in upstate PA for a few years but somehow missed Wilbur Buds. Looks like I have something to try. Sorry for the derail.
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One of the reliable cool things about Alaska is that everyone knows everyone, so putting this online is genius.
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I've not been to alaska specifically, but these photos are the absolute best representation I've seen of the color of the wilderness in the winter. it is colorful, but not saturated. These are beautiful
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These are stunning. Looking at them made time melt away for a little bit. Thanks for posting, blnkfrnk.
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Only partly solved! They're still not certain who the photographer was.
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